Wednesday, 28 August 2019

How Many days to Christmas ?

So how many days are there before Christmas ?

Publishing this blog page on Thursday 29th August there are 118 days until Christmas Day.

I want to ask you if you will support me if I declare Christmas to start on Thursday 31st October.

Christmas 2017 we ran SECRET SANTA taking gifts to families with a child sick in Birmingham Childrens Hospital. Poorly children from all over the country, indeed many are airlifted there from Europe.

Attached to Birmingham Childrens' Hospital is Ronald McDonald House which puts an arm of love around families keeping everyone together. There are eighty rooms in Ronald McDonald House.

Running Secret Santa in 2018 we took gifts to Ronald McDonald again and also gifts to children in University Hospital Milton Keynes.

What about 2019 ?  Are we going to run Secret Santa again ? If we are we need to launch on Thursday 31st October.

Rebekah spent most of her childhood in and out of hospital, our family was one of the first to enjoy the love of the very first Ronald McDonald House in the country.

Beck was never in hospital over Christmas but in my book NOT THE CONCRETE COWS I tell of going one night a week before Christmas in a special ambulance to meet a flight coming into Heathrow from Dublin. On board the aircraft was a little boy being rushed to Guys Hospital for a kidney transplant.

Rebekah put in her will that we should support her favourite charity, Ronald McDonald House.

Are we going to support Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham with Secret Santa 2019 ?

Voting for election to the board of University Hospital Milton Keynes closes today.  I so hope that I win. Win or lose if we run Secret Santa 2019 we have to include Milton Keynes Hospital.

Secret Santa needs to find a minimum of 150 gifts for families and children sick in hospital.

Last Christmas I was so proud and honoured to feature the amazing Mini Libs on my radio shows. Such talented, lovely who produced JINGLE GIRLS to support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

If we are going to run SECRET SANTA 2019 we have to decide NOW.

CLICK HERE and check out the podcast for the radio show where I launched Secret Santa 2018.
If we run Secret Santa 2019 it will launch on Thursday 31st October.

Do you think we can find 150 friends who will make gifts of love to put on Santa's sleigh ?

We are looking for gifts costing around £5 but far, far

more important than the value of the gift is the love in which it is wrapped. When it opened on Christmas Day that love must flow out.

We need people who will share Secret Santa on social media and keep updating people on the progress to fill Santa's Sleigh.

I always have so many ideas for things we could do to spread love to people who need a smile. Most ideas never happen because I just can not generate the support, I can not find people to catch the vision.

We have had two very successful Secret Santa projects. How many people will be willing to make 2019 a third success ?

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