Wednesday, 31 July 2019

We are the concrete cows !

When I put this picture on Facebook it scared me to find its facial recognition software knew who I was with ! Not sure that I am comfortable with that !


NO - we are NOT The Concrete Cows. The concrete exists between the ears of Milton Keynes (NOTE I say
Milton Keynes and NOT Bletchley) politicians. To be fair NOT all politicians - there are a couple of notable loving exceptions - just MOST of Milton Keynes Cowboy Council Members !

I will explain as we go along and will also explain why Jelena is here stroking a pig !

Facebook may have been able to look into our faces - Josh - The UGLY old man - Mrs Josh but it could not
look into our hearts.

We went to Argos in Central Milton Keynes as Jelena needed to get a new phone. By the way none of we three use smart phones - smart people do not need smart phones !

Outside Argos we fund a homeless rough-sleeper. Jelena went over to speak to him then we all
engaged with him. A lovely man, a Romanian. I have been to Romania, I drove an aid truck there when Eastern Europe opened up. Jelena, of course, is Russian - we know traditions from the area. One of those traditions is to place a hand on the chest over the heart. This man's command of English was not good but he kept touching his heart. Jelena is on the case, we have reported his whereabouts and she will find help for him.

I joked a while back that Bletchley should BREXIT Milton Keynes. Should we have a vote on that ? I've a better idea - Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council should make a take over bid for Milton Keynes. It certainly would be a better place if it did !

I have in my e-mail inbox this morning a lovely
message from a member of Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council offering gifts for our 14th September  event supporting Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

I have not been about that much this week. On Monday I had some dental surgery from which the anesthetic has knocked me up and left me feeling unwell. Still a bit poorly today. However, if I am not around tomorrow it will not be because I am poorly but because I am in a police cell !

Tonight I am going to the meeting of Milton Keynes Cowboy Council's planning committee. I am going to
give members a hard time about two issues under discussion.

There is a proposal which will, in effect, destroy the legacy
of The Dankworths and their gift to Milton Keynes of The Stables. 

The very first record I ever spent my pocket money on was African Waltz by Johnny Dankworth.

Also up for discussion is a plan, which if passed, will seriously harm Bletchley town centre. Milton Keynes Cobwoy Council you may have ruined the centre of Milton Keynes but keep your hands off Bletchley town centre !

I'll try not to lose my temper tonight and avoid arrest but members of the planning committee help me by using your hearts this evening and NOT the reinforced concrete between your ears !

We drove past The Hub in Central Milton Keynes
yesterday. As I said in a letter to every member of Milton Keynes Cowboy Council's planning committee a demented three legged frog with a box of Lego could have come up with a better design than that. BUT what is more serious is the three legged demented frogs on the planning
committee which gave permission for the damn monstrosity to be erected in the hideous first place !

As you know the three of us were in London a week ago. It was damn hot but thank goodness we went on Wednesday and not Thursday when the heat brought down train power lines and caused chaos !

The Shard is the tallest building in Europe, scared me
silly going up there but it is a building of character and design, not like the carbuncles Milton Keynes Cowboy Council gives planning permission for !

Last week was EARTH EQUAL DAY. The day in the
year when we reach the point in the calendar when we have used up more of the planet's resources than we will replenish during the entire year. If Central Milton Keynes had its way this would be reduced to January 1st !

The heat we experienced in London was as a result of global warming. Central Milton Keynes is doing its very best to destroy our planet !

Driving through Central Milton Keynes Jelena commented: Yes, there are trees but why not fill the area between them with bushes ?  Line every road
with something to reduce the hideous carbon footprint of Central Milton Keynes ?

During the day we went to McDonald's where we refused to pay lip service to their marketing ploy so denied their paper straws in a PLASTIC cup top !

So what with all these pig pictures ?

Facebook I bet you can't face recognise their names can you ?

Can you look inside their hearts ?

Just outside Milton Keynes in Newton Longville you will find THIRTY-EIGHT pigs in Curly Tails one of only two pig rescue centres in the country.

It is run with LOVE and it gives out LOVE.

Josh has taken loads of pictures and shot a lot of video footage which I am now tasked with turning into a YouTube feature.  Josh I know you love this tune, I am not sure it will fit properly. What do you think ?

If I am feeling well enough today we are going out in search of material for a new book I want to write WE ARE THE CONCRETE COWS.

As you may know people are paying stupid money to get their hands on copies of my out of print book
looking at the adolescent new city of Milton Keynes. Josh thinks it wrong that I am not getting a cut from this silly money but no I am not.

The three of us are taking pictures of legends in Milton Keynes for me to write a follow up WE ARE THE CONCRETE COWS.  This will be a long project, possibly taking anything up to two years.

Here's a picture Jelena took last week for the project. Recognise it ?  Train tracks in Bletchley. How is that a legend ?

One week today, Thursday 8th August the camera is going outside Milton Keynes to Bridego Bridge, the scene of The Great Train Robbery. Thursday 8th August will be the 56th anniversary of the robbery. The train was towed into a siding in Bletchley for the police to investigate.

There are so many, many legends in Milton Keynes we will be lucky if we do finish the research within those two intended years.

August 2021.....

Where will Earth Equal Day be in that year ?  How many more monstrosities will Milton Keynes Cowboy Council have given planning permission for ? Do you think we will have managed to BREXIT the EU by then ? How deep into our lives will Facebook be able to pry then ?

One thing is certain, well two really.

We three will still be doing what we are doing to praise where praise is due and to encourage concrete cows to get real and show love.

Curly Tails Pig Rescue is a legend in its own right and will have a prominent part - a big part in the book. Sod the concrete cows Curly Tails are REAL pigs, pigs of love.

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