Wednesday, 3 July 2019

SOD IT ! Please rain.

Sod it ! I have just checked the weather forecast for today and it's sunshine and more sunshine.     SOD IT !  Why can't it rain when you need it to ?

A message to the bosses at Radio CRMK you may need to remove the intended new Monday show from the schedule. Chances are I am likely to be in intensive care, either that or I will be a long-term resident of the funny farm.

I spent yesterday at the home of the show's co-presenter. I thought we were going to tweak the playlist for the show. Josh ripped it up and changed everything !

Within each show we are going to have an ADVENTURE. In the week running up to the show we will do something then report on it.

The plan was - WAS - to go to the cinema and watch ROCKET MAN..... WAS....


This is what we are going to do instated !

Listener Ian Billington asks if I have a head for heights.

I do not. I never have.

To promote our show Josh and I are planning to start a video blog. I think this could be a case of VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR !

My friend, and I use the word quite loosely, wants us to wear the San Francisco shirts we wore at Sunshine Smile Day 2018.

Mate, I would rather skydive from the Golden Gate Bridge than do what you are planning for this afternoon !

I MEAN THAT !  I do !

I have been to San Francisco nine times. Will I survive to go for a tenth time ?

Josh is bringing his wife, Mrs Josh, with
him for film the video blog.  My wife is stopping at home checking the in insurance policy !

If I survive today - IF - Monday's show will be my
155th broadcast on Radio CRMK. Have no fear, when it comes to Monday 15th July and the 156th show I will come up with something to get revenge on my co-presenter !

Josh, yesterday when we were working on the playlist I introduced you to something by Mr Richard Head. Can't play it here, Google will not allow it, but as I play this bit of silliness let those words run through your head !  I can assure you I will be doing the actions to this later today.

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