Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Rocking With My Granddad !

There was a time when I was always known as DAVE, nobody ever called me David.

DAVE was a happy-go-lucky person, forever smiling, joking and having fun but I felt people did not always take me seriously so I made a conscious effort to stop people referring to me as Dave but instead call me DAVID. Over the years the change happened and DAVE vanished into history.

Maureen tends to call me  DAVE.  I remember Josh asking me, that would be about a year ago, if I minded him calling me DAVE. He thought the name better suited me but he did not want to offend me by using the shortened version of my name.

From this time on DAVID dead. LONG LIVE DAVE !

I'll come to the rocking with my granddad bit in a moment but first here's something my Granddad used to play when I was a kid.

When I was DAVE - not David.

Five days to go until the launch of the new show on Radio CRMK.  I am so much looking forward to getting behind the microphone again.

Watch out world DAVE is coming. But he aint coming alone. Start The Week is being co-presented by Dave and Josh.

Dave and Josh - D & J - DJ

My full name is David John Bekah Ashford, I usually sign my name D J Ashford - DJ

Josh is Joshua Denis Lawance Morgan - JD - that does not work BUT revers the first two initials and you have DJ

So START THE WEEK is brought to you by DJ.

Here's something my Granddad used to knock out on the piano.

My Granddad was Frederick Robinson but was always known as FRED.

He never stopped fooling around, playing jokes and smiling. On the day of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation he dressed up as a clown and fooled around at a street party. I WAS THERE !

Going back a few months I was playing this on the CD in the car.

I really like that, Josh said.

I explained to him that it came from my Granddad's era, Granddad was born in January 1900 !

That cockney classic music reflects the fun THE DJ will be playing in START THE WEEK.

Josh m8 you'd have been MINUS 91 years of age when FRED was born !

Within Start The Week there is a feature ROCKING WITH MY GRANDDAD. Josh will play some music from his childhood in the 1990's and ask me to rock and comment about it.

Josh, you little git will you tell me what to include in the playlist. I think you are secretly holding back so I do not get to listen to anything before we go live at 5am on Monday.

Josh, this was number one in the charts on the day you were born.

I think my Granddad would like that.

This is a song and a recording from 1900.

I Want To Be A Military Man by Louis Bradfield.

Granddad Fred never was a military man. When World War One broke out he was too young to join the army. 

In 1939 Granddad was working on the railway which was a reserved occupation meaning he was not allowed to leave and join the army. Instead Fred worked on the railway by day and was in the Home Guard at night as a fire watcher.

Granddad was based at Nine Elms Railway Depot. YES, he was always putting out fires from German bombing. THREE times his home was bombed in the blitz, three times the family had to move house.

So Fred, Granddad will you come and rock with Dave and Josh - THE DJ - on Monday ?  5am to 10am www.crmk.co.uk

Fred - Fred Robinson - My Granddad, this is in the playlist. I never knew your mother, my great-grandmother, but here's something for your own mother Mrs Robinson:

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