Sunday, 7 July 2019

Rocking all over the world

Well here we are - Dave and Josh, in the studio of Radio CRMK about to rock the world with the first edition of our new show START THE WEEK. I'll tell you a funny story in a moment but here's Status Quo...

I went upstairs to have nap. When I woke at twenty minutes past eight I nearly had a heart attack. Racing downstairs I said to Maureen: "We've missed the show, I was asleep." She smiled in pity and replied: "Twenty past eight in the evening NOT in the morning !"

I went back to sleep and dreamed one nightmare after another. Morning Has Broken is the first track which we will be playing in an hour and a half.

Josh phoned at half past one. "I am awake, shall we go to the studio ?"

I thought we shoul before I fell asleep again.

So here we are, I am writing this blog and Josh is busy ripping up the playlist  to add in new songs. He is eating breakfast, chocolate croissant and cereal, I'm not hungry yet. What are you going to have for your breakfast ?

Once we have played Cat Stevens Josh has put this into the playlist.

Right now Josh is wide awake and buzzing, I am falling back to sleep.

Anyway - 5am to 10am it's Dave and Josh with START THE WEEK here on Radio CRMK - - join us.

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