Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Politicians could not care less.

2.20am Wednesday 17th July, we were coming to the end of a conversation with a man who was rough-sleeping on the pavement by the Post Office in Central Milton Keynes. A car pulled up and waited by the side of where he was, waited until we had finished and were leaving. A random car at 2.20am in the morning ?  NO !  This was a drug dealer looking to see if he could do a bit of business. HOW BLATANT !

Earlier in the evening we were in Campbell Park, just
behind the homeless charity The Bus Shelter MK. I know criminal drug gangs target rough sleepers in Campbell Park.  We did not find any rough-sleepers and we did not find any drug dealers but we did find a drug camp. Needles, wipes, cooking gear, syringes. A lot of addicts obviously use the area, an area set up by the dealers.

I was working with a powerful man, Ashley -
outreach worker. His knowledge, skills, personality and heart make me look like a shadow of what I thought I was.

I asked Ashley how many rough-sleepers there were in Milton Keynes, he estimated eighty.

Do you know the location of any homeless rough-sleepers - Go to STREET LINK - and put in their location.

I have been trying to calculate how many drug addicts there are in Milton Keynes. I believe there to be one addicts for every five hundred members of the public.

The average gate at MK Dons is 10,000 = 20 addicts !

The footfall at The Centre MK is 25 million a year = 50,000.

I have spoken at length with many police officers about the drug issue in our city, they are seriously under resourced and helpless. Criminal gangs target rough-sleepers. I have tried to engage local politicians, they could not care less !

If those living in Milton Keynes only knew what is going on they would not believe it.  I believe the public have a right to know what is going on. I believe voters need to understand the political apathy. This NOT a situation unique to Milton Keynes, it is nationwide.

In all of this mess you DO NOT blame the addict ! By the way knife crime comes as standard - dealers are
tooled up.

It's a vicious circle. Arrest the dealers, lock them up with draconian  sentences to deter others taking their place. What happens to the addicts, the victims ?  There is no proper medical support. Please do not think there is  -  THERE IS NOT !

Ashley's solution is to declare war on the producers
and take all of the drug production, deny dealers access to the drugs. Set up a monopoly of supply. Next decriminalise the drugs. Set up clinics in every hospital where addicts can receive drugs free of charge under medical supervision. Deal with the situation and get the addicts clean. Eradicate the problem and addiction will end.


Drug dealers will be able to continue pulling up in cars in the middle of the night to try and sell a vulnerable 
homeless person heroine !  Drug camps can continue to operate adjacent to homeless charities.

Politicians ?  They could not care less !

There are 620 members of parliament. That should mean, given my calculation of averages, that one and bit are drug addicts.

How many have admitted in the media they took drugs at some point or another in their lives ?  A lot more than one and a bit !

Shame they could not care less !

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