Thursday, 11 July 2019

How do we make this work ?


In a little while, when I am awake, I am going to write and publish on YouTube a third video blog. I thought that the first two were pretty damn good but that is not what the viewing figures say !

Published on 4th, that's last Thursday, this first video blog has achieved 38 views. 

Yesterday I published this:

So far 11 views.

There are people who make a lot of money from
video blogs on YouTube. We are not looking to make a lot of money, just to be able to cover the costs of our ADVENTURES.

Here we are outside Cineworld about to watch the film Yesterday from which Josh and I will give a report on Monday's radio show. Minus the popcorn Josh munched his way through it cost £40 to watch the film. Next week we are going to see The Lion King - MINUS the popcorn !

If a video blog is achieving high figures YouTube will stick an advert on it and pay the publisher a percentage of the fee it receives from the advertiser.

So what is a high figure ?

I am not sure but it has got to be in the region of a thousand hits a day - no more likely 10,000 hits a day. It certainly aint going to be our current 38 views a week !
I never was a great Beatles fan myself. I went to an all boys school, it was girls who screamed in Beatlemania so for we boys this was not cool. Watching Yesterday the music was fantastic, Josh and Mrs Josh - indeed their parents were not born at the time of Beatlemania yet they loved the music.

I am NOT going to write a video blog about the film Yesterday, not now anyway.

If I can negotiate the hideous on-line train ticket booking system we are going to London the week after next. We will go to Abbey Road and walk over the famous crossing, we will film a video blog there.

That trailer has achieved 5,610, 137 !

And this 2,977,791. We are not planning to go to Africa to film a video blog but we would like to visit
Piggie Alfie at Curly Tails Rescue Centre and produce a blog.

Have you heard Josh sing Wimoweh ?

Actually he aint bad.

We'll use Wimoweh as the background to the blog.

Can you see the teddy bear I am holding in the
picture with Alfie ?  That's Ben, Ben our music mascot.

Here's Ben in the studio last week. We never play a note of music without Ben being there.

Let Ben tell you his story.

Ben represents LOVE. We are going to take Ben to
Berkeley Square and film him on the LOVERS 

At a later date we will return to London to make a panoramic blog at the top of The Shard. In November we are going to have Tea at The Ritz. The price of eating in the world's number one hotel is around the same price as a train ticket to London.

Writing this page we have just received an invitation to film in Riga.  Can you believe it is CHEAPER to fly to Latvia than it is to take the train to London !

Josh, Mrs Josh we need to put this into the diary.

While we are in London we are going to make a video
blog dancing The Lambeth Walk ON The Lambeth walk.

Latvia was once part of Russia. Do you think we could dance The Russian Dance in Latvia and make a blog ?

Of course if we made a fortune from the blog Josh
could buy his dream car and I could buy mine.  I suspect that my Triumph TR7 would cost a lot less than Josh's Bentley !

But that's not what these video blogs are all about.
YES, we want - NEED them to make money and YES some of it will end up in our pockets but that is not what it is all about.

I've just published the third video blog on YouTube.

These video blogs are part of the ADVENTURES we
will be bringing into our weekly radio show - START THE WEEK.

The blogs are designed to inspire people.

As they report on our ADVENTURES they have a job to do supporting good causes.

That first video blog showing Jelena leaping about
the treetop assault course was filmed seven weeks after she was in intensive care and told she had less than a 50% chance of surviving !

It celebrates the dedication and skill of the medics who saved her life.

When we film Piggie Alfie it will raise the profile of the work done by Curly Tails.

Next week I will be part of a team spending the night looking for homeless and rough-sleeping friends around our city. I will film a video blog to promote the work of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

We have many more ideas, too many to publish here
on what is already a long blog !

It has taken since December 2017 for this written blog to achieve the readership it has and 830 editions to do it !

We need each video blog to achieve 100,000 views a week if YouTube is to even start to take us seriously.

Long way to go !


CLICK HERE to visit our YouTube Channel. When it invites you to subscribe to the channel and receive notifications of new blogs PLEASE DO SO. Right now we have 37 subscribers - 37,000 would be better - 370,000 may make things work. In the last month we have had 1,200 people view videos - we need that in an hour !

If 37 people who are our supporters shared each new blog on Facebook and if each had 250 friends that would be 9,250.  Then if those 9,250 shared the share so to speak it would come to 2,312,500. Josh could order his Bentley but not before I got my Triumph TR7 !

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