Monday, 22 July 2019

Don't talk - DO

Josh told me that I am NOT ALLOWED to publish embarrassing pictures. Well Josh YOU took this picture !

Josh has supported me with my music and its associated projects for coming up to two years but it's no longer me with my mate helping but WE - two halves of The DJ. I am Dave = D and Josh = J DJ I tell you I am having to run fast to keep up with my friend.

Did you catch yesterday's radio show ?

We had a big international audience and the PODCAST is proving popular - CHECK IT OUT.

What you will find different about is we do not talk we do. I hope that makes us different. This new radio show is a tiny part of what we are setting out to do.

After yesterday's show we both had jobs to for our respective wives but that done Josh had me out and about preparing for next week's show.

This, by the way, is Josh's favourite track from yesterday's show.

This is mine..........

We took the camera into Campbell Park, named after Lord Campbell of Eskin - Chairman of Milton Keynes
Development Corporation.

I know for certain that both Lord Campbell and The Milton Keynes Development Corporation would not be happy with what we found !

We found this blue tent, a tent which moves around Campbell Park, its resident too scared to stay in one place for long, too scared of the criminal activity happening in what should be Milton Keynes prime location.

We don't talk - WE DO. By the end of this morning the homeless rough-sleeping occupant of that tent will be in the system to receive help.

We have several projects on the go to support and raise the profile of homeless, rough-sleeping projects. We do not talk - WE DO.

Our camera then moved to The Peartree Bridge Dinosaur.

If people are prepared to pay stupid money to buy a copy of my out of print book kaleidoscopic through the adolescent new city of Milton Keynes then it is
time I wrote the squeal which is going to be called WE ARE THE CONCRETE  COWS !

As a child Josh climbed the dinosaur and sat on its back - he failed yesterday to even climb a few feet up its tail.

I knew the artist Bill Billings who sculptured the
Peartree Bridge dinosaur, indeed I commissioned him to build the Leonosaurus Rex dinosaur which stood proudly on the field of Leon School. That was before the sad, pathetic management of the school expelled the sculpture to a new location.

Today the camera will be out and about taking pictures for the new book and finding things we can talk then DO about on next week's show. Part of our mission is to wake up the people of Milton Keynes and share the history, culture and legends of the area.

Tomorrow we are going to London. We are going to Abbey Road and will walk over the famous crossing.
We are going to The Shard to take in London from the tallest building in Europe.  Let me tell you the rumor that Josh is going to bungee jump from the 72nd floor is just that a rumor LOL.

We are going to dance The Lambeth Walk ON The Lambeth Walk. Josh's missus is choreographing our dance !


Is that Josh or is it me playing the piano ?

We plan to walk over Tower Bridge and pop into the
Tower of London to make sure there is room to accommodate ALL members of the Liberal Democratic Party who disrespect democracy and the public vote to leave The EU !

We played this on the show yesterday, dedicated it to my Mum and Dad who were great fans of The Red Army Choir. We talked about President Putin and
were of one mind. Say what you like, Putin is fiercely patriotic - he loves his country and loves his people. He will not compromise by pandering to other countries. We could do with some political leadership like that here in Great Britain !

Before we can start work on WE ARE THE CONCRETE
COWS I have to finish my book The Fantasies Of A Geriatric DJ.

I am pleased with myself, after months of writers block I am now turning out around five thousand words a day.

The story has just left the hippies in Golden Gate Park - here I am on Hippie Mound just ahead of my 2018 sponsored haircut.

The story is moving towards the Apollo Moon Programme and the tragedy of Apollo One in January 1968.

Do you know why Russia bowed out of the space race ?  Why it gave up the moon ?  We talked about that in yesterday's show.

Nikita Khrushchev pulled the plug on the money. He said there are people in our country who are in need, that is where the money has to be spent not on some silly race with the Americans to the moon !

My politics ?  FAR RIGHT - EXTREME FAR RIGHT AND SOME but I am also a socialist a passionate socialist.  I love people and do not trust any politicians to deliver what they need. Politicians talk - WE DO !

I think we will start a new political party.  Josh are you up for this ?  Let's call it the PARTY OF LOVE !

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