Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Celebrate YOUR family's history

I want to share an idea with you. If enough people like the idea we could make it happen and start something very special.

So will you take a few moments to read my idea ?

This picture is a display in my home, it features photographs of family members from years gone by.

Top left is Billy Ashford, an uncle I never knew. Flight Sergeant William Ashford died age twenty when his Lancaster Bomber was blown up over Germany on 8th March 1945.  Billy is the subject of my book AN INTERVIEW WITH FLIGHT SERGEANT BILLY.

Below him is his father, my grandfather I never knew. Private William Ashford was discharged with honour from serving in the
trenches of World War I after he contracted tuberculosis. He died a young man leaving my grandmother, Lily, with three small boys to bring up. Lily and her younger sister sister can be seen in the picture top right, dressed in the uniforms of World War I munitions workers.

Lily and William feature in my book THE BRIDGE HOUSE.

Pause for a moment and think about those from your family who served in past wars, served not necessarily died. Pause and think for a moment then read on.
I have been watching a fascinating series of TV programmes about modern day Russia. Putin is fiercely patriotic, we could do with a few politicians here who are patriotic !

Putin has made a tradition that once a year people march holding pictures of their family members who gave their lives in the war against Nazi Germany.
There are some veterans of the time celebrating their friends but most are grandchildren, great grandchildren or children celebrating their families. Millions take part to honour their family members.

Watching this on TV I found myself saying: Why can't we have something like that in Britain ?  Why not ?

Wait for our national politicians and it will never happen.

Hold that thought for a moment. Hold it with my first thought and let me run something else by you.

Bletchley - Fenny Stratford - the poor relations in Milton Keynes. Poor relations ?  We have more history, more culture, more legends than all of the
rest of Milton  Keynes  put together ! Oh yes we do !

Bletchley Park, if it were not for Bletchley Park we would all be speaking German !

Armistice Sunday 2019 is Sunday 10th November. Thursday 14th November marks 101 years since the end of World War I.

SATURDAY 9th November 2019. Who would be up for meeting at Bletchley Park, each one of us holding a
picture of a family member who was part of any conflict and walking in celebration of  their  lives ?

We do not need any major super organisation, we just do it. If ten of us took part it would be ok.

This would not be a solemn memorial, that happens the following day, this would be a happy time celebrating their lives.

Let's hold it in Bletchley & Fenny Stratford, the capital of Milton Keynes. Anyone from anywhere could take part providing they have a family life to celebrate and providing they carry a photograph of their relative.


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