Friday, 21 June 2019

Writers Block

Retirement is not all it is cracked out to be ? Trust me it is not.

Here I am five weeks into retirement and I am suffering from Writers Block.

There was a time when I could write a short novel in three to four months but right now I am stuck.

I have not given up on my book FANTASIES OF A GERIATRIC DJ but I have not written anything for weeks - no months.

The central character is the younger brother of a British rock and roll star and very much in his shadow, That is until he breaks out and becomes a DJ on a pirate radio station.

With The Marine Offences Act on the horizon Max joins Golden Gate Radio in San Francisco, perfectly poised for The Summer of Love.

Falling in love with a dancer in The San Francisco Ballet Company when she is offered a position with The Royal Ballet Company our hero returns to England to work with Radio One.

Max hates Radio One, don't we all, but sticks it out to be with his lover now a star with The Royal Ballet Company. However, with her dancing years coming to an end our hero is moved by the BBC to Radio Two. He tells them where to stick that and moves to Barbados where he sets up his own radio station.

The two are very happy on the beautiful island but want to see more of their children so decide to return
to England. There Max joins an internet radio station where he becomes The Geriatric DJ.

But my writing is stuck in the Spring of 1967 !

I have been to San Francisco more times than I can remember and know
the City By The bay well but I can not get into the mood to write.

I remember well The Summer of Love - I was 16 years old and living in Birmingham, England. No hippies in Brum !

I need to go back to San Francisco, sit in Golden Gate
Park and soak up the atmosphere in order to continue the story. Right now that is not on the agenda so I guess Writers Block has stalled The Fantasies Of A Geriatric DJ !

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