Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The MK Way

I LOVE our NHS and in particular I LOVE University Hospital Milton Keynes.

This is not some passing fad, it is a love I have had for thirty-five years. My family owes a debt to our amazing, fabulous, incredible, loving National Health Service, a debt so great it can never be repaid.

I will NEVER stop shouting my mouth off to anyone who comes my way about that love.

I wrote a book in the early 1990's about the adolescent new city of Milton Keynes within which our new hospital - Milton Keynes General Hospital is featured.

Did you read my blog from last Thursday welcoming our new mayor. CLICK HERE.

Yesterday I was speaking with the Mayor's PA, Emma, where I asked her what was the mayor's chosen charity for his year in office, just a simple question so I could do my bit to help promote it.

I went intro orbit when she told me it was our hospital !

I have been asked to do something with Brickhill Lyons Club as it works to help the new cancer centre at the hospital. I am looking forward to doing all I can. 

Go into the hospital and you will see proudly displayed the hospital's mission statement THE MK WAY - this can be simply translated to something an eminent consultant once said to me: I DO NOT TREAT MY PATIENTS - I CARE FOR THEM.

I was in the hospital yesterday visiting a patient when a doctor came by to administer some medication. We chatted as he injected not only medication but also LOVE. He could
have quickly done his job then left but he didn't, he did not treat his patient - he cared for her ! 

Mr Mayor, when you come to Sunshine Smile Day on Sunday we will chat about your civic charity and how this silly old man can help.

A year ago I ran for election to become a governor of our hospital, I was devastated when I did not win. However, the
gentleman who did win was already a governor and doing an amazing job, it was right that I did not push him out of office. 

I am doing my part as part of the patient review team. Last week I spent an afternoon helping with a new system where patients can manage their appointments and test results via their phone.

Meet Joe Harrison, CEO of University Hospital Milton Keynes. Walk into any organisation within the city, mention to a member of staff the name of their boss and you will get a series of responses. Go into the hospital and mention this man's name you will only get one reply saying what a fantastic man he is. The big, big, big boss does not oversee the treatment of patients in his hos[ital he CARES for them.

I have only been in hospital as a patient twice in my life - once to be born and once when I broke three ribs falling off a ladder. I have difficulty remembering the first experience but
the second was special. I was in a lot of pain, I was feeling sorry for myself and did not want to eat. I kept being told I needed to eat to get better. I did not want to eat.

The day came when I did eat a full meal. The ward sister came to me and gave me a big hug. She was not treating me as a patient, she was caring for me.

While I was in hospital I was cared for by doctors and nurses but also by the lady who cleaned the ward who always stopped to say hello, I was cared for by
the maintenance man who came to fix something on the bed. I was cared for by those who came by with a trolley of items from the hospital shop. I was cared for by those who brought round snacks and drinks during the day.

THE MK WAY - Care, Communicate, Collaborate, Contribute

Mr Mayor, I look forward to welcoming you to Sunshine Smile Day on Sunday and being able to chat about your civic charity. 

Once Sunshine Smile Day is over, Brickhill Lyons let's talk about what you are doing.

CEO Joe, this silly old man is about to shout his mouth off even louder about our wonderful, incredible, amazing, fabulous hospital.  I have a huge debt to repay.

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