Sunday, 5 May 2019

Sunshine Smile Day - 2 weeks to go

YEP - only two weeks to go......

TWO WEEKS today will be SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019....

Let's have a round up of all that has happened over the past week....

What is planned for the coming week.....

And how you can help make SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019 a mega success.

Well we nearly got blown away at Bletchley Bandstand on Saturday 27th but we did tell the few people who braved the elements to shop in the town what we were up to.

It was not quite so bad on Saturday 4th May when Lisa, Kev and Yours Truly went along  to the Irish Centre car boot sale to spread the word.

We gave out a lot of leaflets with many people saying they would come along. We actually made £52 towards costs and a lovely lady gave a donation to Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, one of the good causes SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is supporting.

Until the battery on the laptop died we played the PODCAST from last Wednesday's radio show which was telling the world about SUNSHINE

The music was well received save for one MISERABLE OLD FEMALE BOVINE who said the music was too loud !

She got a one word answer from me TOUGH !

Remember the police are coming so SUNSHINE SMILE DAY to arrest all people who are not smiling. She'd better stay at home.

Covering an episode of DECADES I broadcast 12 hours on CRMK last week. But the week has not finished yet !

Ending last week and moving into the coming week I am broadcasting for another 10 hours overnight tonight.

Starting at 11pm tonight - SUNDAY 5th May and finishing at 9am on MONDAY 6th May I am broadcasting ROLL OUT THE BARREL telling everyone about the NINE good causes taking part in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

I will break the PODCAST down into 150 minute bites. I will then publish the PODCAST through the night at 1.30am - 4am - 6,30pm - 9am......

I am going to turn off the studio lights during the broadcast and fill everything with disco lights.  I also plan to put up a
giant banner featuring The Food Bank which is, of course, one of the two good cause SMILE DISCO is supporting.

Within the radio studio fellow presenters have been making donations to The Food Bank which will be taken to SMILE DISCO to start the dancing.

Monday Morning Music Mega Mix will this week form part of Roll Out The Barrel.

During the broadcast I will take photgraphs and publish them on facebook.

Do listen in won't you....
Tell your friends and help make Roll Out The Barrel achieve a mega audience.

Tuesday's show MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION will feature two albums in the SUNSHINE
SMILE DAY Vinyl Tombola........

Something from the HONKY TONK PIANO of Mrs Mills

Combined with the music from Russ Conway...

Wednesday's show will be LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE telling everyone about SMILE DISCO.

Music will be mainly from the 1970's. I am asking LEONITES to put in requests.

Thursday's show will be KIDDIES KLASSICS playing songs
for children in hospital with dedications for families ion Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

Can I invite children to tell me their favourite sons and songs you remember from your childhood to include in the playlist.

On Friday the time machine will be going back to 10th May 1978. Not telling where in the chart it was but this was in the top thirty.

Please listen in and tell your friends to join me. PODCASTS will be available shortly after each show.

This week Graham, who is organising the music for SMILE DISCO and I will be meeting to check things over.

The big task for the coming week is to tell everyone about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and SMILE DISCO to make sure loads and loads and loads of smiles come along.

Te task for the coming week is to move publicity into top gear. Please share the radio shows explained above and get lots of people to listen in.

Please share this blog page to get as many readers as possible.

We need to get lots more posters out and about. Can you
help PLEASE !

Could you push out some leaflets in the street where you live ?

We have a fantastic SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and SMILE DISCO planned but all the planning will be a flop if nobody turns up !

We need help !


Don't just like this page PLEASE

We need help on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY both before and after the event to transport loads of stuff to and from The Irish Centre.

We need lots of help to move the stage
from the Irish Centre out into the field then after the family afternoon back into the hall for the disco.

Can you help ?

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