Monday, 13 May 2019

Que Sera Sera

It was announced yesterday that singer and actress Doris Day had died at the age of 97. I am starting both today's blog and my show which will go live at 6am - 6am to 8am with something from Doris.

How about this ?

My alarm is set for 3am but it never rings. I always wake up round about 2am, get sorted and head for the studio to be here for three. That did not happen this morning, the alarm went off and woke me. What is that noise I asked myself ?  So I am running an hour late !

Yesterday was a very busy but good day, I achieved a lot and was in bed early so why did I oversleep ?

I am so worried about Sunday and SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

I fired out a dozen e-mails yesterday - just one has been answered.

I put out several appeals on Facebook for practical help on the day - just one phone call came from that.

The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation has been predicting rain for Sunday and SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

However, the BIASED Broadcasting Corporation appears to be changing its mind. This is what it is saying right now - 4.12am Tuesday 14th May.

You know what.......

I think I need to stop worrying and take some advice from Dorris !

Que Sera Sera - what ever will be will be.

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