Saturday, 11 May 2019

One week to go !

One week to go....

One week today  it will be SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

I am scared stiff - honestly I am. I am stressed !

Worried about the weather. On Friday the forecast was good - yesterday it was bad - today it is iffy.

I am worried in case nobody turns up.

I am worried that we do not have the help we need to make
everything work.

SUNDAY MORNING -19th May - WE NEED PRACTICAL HELP. We have to move the stage from the hall in the Irish Centre out on to the field. After Sunshine Smile Day's FAMILY AFTERNOON we need to move it back. RIGHT NOW WE HAVE NOBODY TO DO THIS ! HELP PLEASE - HELP

I feel we have been badly let down by the media in Milton Keynes who across the board has failed to do anything with the press releases sent out,

We have some posters left - CAN YOU TAKE ONE AND PUT IT UP ?

We have some fliers left - CAN YOU DISTRIBUTE A FEW ?

The bottom line has to be ARE YOU COMING YOURSELF ?

12 noon to 5pm - FAMILY AFTERNOON with stalls, music, fun, game and a whole lot more.......

What is your family doing ?

7pm to 11pm SMILE DISCO......

I am so scared nobody will be there. Are you coming ?

Of course I am looking forward to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and deep down I know it will be a great event but that does not st op me being scared stiff over the next week.

I am scared that on publishing this page we will get lots of people coming up with apologies for why they can not come along. How many will come back saying OF COURSE I AM COMING AND I AM BRINGING ALL OF MY FAMILY......

How many people will blast SUNSHINE SMILE DAY over social media across the next few days ?

Today is 12th May - we have to go back to 7th May to find someone other than myself posting on THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW Facebook page.

YEP I AM WORRIED - YEP I AM STRESSED - Can you help to change that ?  PLEASE.

So what about this week's radio shows ? 6am to 8am

MONDAY - Monday Morning Music Mega Mix - the usual weekly muddle of fun tracks - this week being played for all who are involved in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY

TUESDAY - Music From My Vinyl Collection - featuring Honky Tonk Piano - promoting the VINYL TOMBOLA at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY
WEDNESDAY - Let's Inspire - with something for everyone who is involved in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY
THURSDAY - Wake Up With The Classics - CLASSICAL LOVE SONGS with music specifically for Alfie the pig, Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, Milton Keynes Food Bank and Ronald
McDonald House Birmingham
FRIDAY - Pick Of The Pops playing the top thirty chart from the day Rebekah was born.

I wonder how many people will read today's page.  If you are reading these words PLEASE tell me to stop being stupid - to stop worrying - you will be there at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and you will be bringing lots of friends and family members with you.

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