Wednesday, 8 May 2019

I LOVE our NHS !

This weeks edition of WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS was to be the opera Faust. Last week I had a ticket to watch a performance by The Royal Opera Company but after a rather full day I was just too tired to make it.

For my Thursday show I like to use the word CLASSICS in the broadest possible sense and not to confine the music just to centuries past. A listener suggested I compile a show of kids songs which I have become classics in their own right.

So that's is what we are going to do. I am going to play these
songs today for children who are sick in hospital and for their families.

3.10am right now - at 6am I will be live - I am really looking forward to two hours of KIDS KLASSICS.  This will be my 143rd show here on Fabulous RADIO CRMK.

As I write today's blog I am listening to the PODCAST from yesterday's show.

THANK YOU to all who listened, checked out the PODCAST and sent in text and on-line messages.

Yesterday afternoon I was in a ward at our local hospital - UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MILTON KEYNES. Walking into the ward I was hit by a wall - A WALL OF LOVE. I am going to widen today's show to include all the amazing people who work in our NHS.

This is a track from yesterday's show, I have the CD in the car and keep playing it, I just can not get it out of my head !

As I left the ward i spoke with a nurse and said: Are you working all night ?

She replied: I get off at eight but have been here since seven this morning.

Instinctively I said: You'd not find that level of dedication in industry.

You wouldn't would you ?  Just over a year ago I told the CEO of a major company that he should make his head of customer service shadow a nurse at Milton Keynes Hospital and learn from the love they have at the centre of all they do. He did not do that but he did replace his head of customer
services. Yesterday I had to phone his call centre, the genuine level of customer service had risen significantly. I was asked to fill in a questionnaire  after the call - I put a tick in the excellent box for everything.

I LOVE our NHS. When I go back to the ward to visit today I
am going to take in a giant tub of LOVE HEARTS for the nurses there. I will also be playing today's KIDS KLASSICS for them all.

Let's have another track from today's playlist.

Yep, I was too tired to watch Faust last week, it had been a very full day. I spent all afternoon with a company working on a project where patients could manage their appointments
and test results using their phones.

I pulled out my phone - DORRO, MOBILE PHONES FOR THE ELDERLY, and said How do I make it work ?

The guy with camera making a training video nearly dropped it !  I do not think the other members of the review team thought I was being that amusing but I hope I brought a sound contribution to the meeting.


As a member of the hospital's review team I have wandered round with a clip board making notes and putting ticks in boxes. WARD TWENTY University Hospital Milton Keynes you put a great big tick of love in my heart yesterday.  THANK YOU for the love you were giving to patients.

Another track from today's playlist.

Here's a quick picture from the studio taken during yesterday's show.


If it were possible to take the LOVE from our NHS and infect society with that wouldn't we have a better world ? Put it into our supermarkets, into every website on
the internet, OMG even into our local authorities !

Here's another picture from yesterday - Smiling Darren.

An eminent consultant once said to me: I do not treat my patients, I CARE for them !

My own GP says: I am not your doctor, I am your friend.



One of those good causes is our wonderful, amazing, incredible NHS.

I am passionate about the plight of our homeless, rough-sleeping friends and so I do everything I possibly can for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter - a good cause with the same spirit as our amazing NHS.

I have never known what it is like to be hungry. I am passionate about the work of The Food Bank - The Love of The Food Bank.

If only we could take the love to be found within our AMAZING NHS and good causes like Milton Keynes Food Bank and Milton Keynes Food Bank then spread that love across all of our society what a fantastic world this would be.

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