Wednesday, 15 May 2019

How many people did you make smile yesterday ? How many people did you show love to yesterday ?

If you listened to yesterday's show you could be forgiven for wondering what on earth was going on.

SMILING DARREN and I laughed and joked our way through two hours of music as we told people about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

As I never stop telling people, my maxim is to PLAY MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND TO INSPIRE LOVE FOR GOOD


If you could have been a fly on the wall as we drove away from the studio and into McDonald's for breakfast you would not have thought you were with the same two people.

Darren flattered me on air when he talked about "our generation" - as a teenager I was Darren's head of year at Leon School - I am afraid I am a lot older than he is !

Of the same generation ?

Of the same mind - YES !

We complained about our failing politicians at all levels in society, self-centred ego trippers with no regard for their electorate.

We complained about the petty bureaucrats who run behind them with reel after reel after reel of red tape.

We complained about those whose mission in life is to destroy our planet.

We complained about the freedom organised criminals are given to pursue their careers.

We complained that the nation's education system has been replaced by a system of schooling, those schools being
stress factories for children as they are forced to meet targets which have no meaning in life.

We complained about the exploitation of the vulnerable - the plight of the homeless and those who society is failing to such an extend that we need a food bank.

As we laughed and fooled about in the studio, Darren laughed louder than I did but you could not have found any difference between us.

As we put the world to rights over breakfast you could not have got a cigarette paper between us !

When it came to our solution to society's failure we were also
of one opinion - LOVE !  Yes, LOVE.  Love WOULD - not could - solve everything.

A lot of people talk - politicians lead the way - but do nothing - they have no intention of doing anything but pontificating. 

There was a third phase to our day yesterday where Darren and I sat down for an hour with two other people. There was love - there were smiles !

Here's a photograph I showed Darren yesterday. Taken more than a year ago it shows Josh, Mrs Josh and Yours Truly at a charity even where we played the music.

Mrs Josh is smiling but look at her face - she is silently saying I DO NOT KNOW THESE TWO !

Yesterday on the blog I was shouting my mouth off about my
love for the NHS. Did you read that page ?  CLICK HERE.

Our NHS is one area of society which refuses to be destroyed, and believe me many have tried, by the idiots Darren and I were moaning about over breakfast. What makes our NHS so special ?  LOVE. L-O-V-E LOVE !

Josh and I went to visit Mrs Josh in hospital at the end of the afternoon.  When the nurse came to give her some
antibiotics I laughed - See if you can make it hurt !  Get your own back on her for being a naughty patient.

Naughty, the nurse smiled, she goes round all the patients talking to them and showing love.

An elderly patient whose mind was not there called to me. I
went and held her hand as she begged me to take her home to the village where she lived. I indicated to a nurse that she was in distress. That nurse immediately came and gave her love.

Darren, I am going to resist adding the picture you put on my
Facebook page - I bet that made a lot of people laugh - but I will make you smile by sharing this picture of you as a teenager. SEE YOU WERE SMILING EVEN THEN.

Yep, we made a lot of people smile yesterday. Yep, we 
showed love to people yesterday.

Wouldn't it be nice if that fly on the wall during our breakfast conversation were to go and sting a few of those we were complaining about - things could be better then.

So today's show ?

Right now it's 3.50am, I will be live from 6am to 8am with CLASSICAL LOVE SONGS.

I am on my own today, Darren's tucked up in bed at home but I do hope you will be listening mate.

I have a two hour playlist of 34 tracks - beautiful and inspiring love songs.

How many people did you make smile yesterday ?

How many people did you show love to yesterday ?

I am hoping those 34 tracks will significantly increase the numbers today.

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