Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Do small things with great love

3.11am - Wednesday 22nd May 2019 - at 6am I will be live with today's show - www.crmk.co.uk - which I am calling DO SMALL THINGS WITH GREAT LOVE.

Within the show I will be celebrating the love of the good causes which took part in Sunday's Sunshine Smile Day.

Yesterday Josh and I left a tub of sweets and a copy of the SMILE words Stewart brought into the team in the relatives room at the intensive care unit within University Hospital Milton Keynes. Team member Maggie is busy knitting some craft gifts to add to the sweets.


A police officer called me yesterday, he is supporting something we are doing. Yep, he was doing his duty but he went the extra mile. Why ? Because as well as duty and professionalism in what he was doing there was love. He cared !

Did you read yesterday's blog ?  Click Here.

We had a big readership for that edition. We are getting closer to that 100k figure !

Within yesterday's page I joked about a picture featuring our new mayor. Speaking with Emma, The Mayor's PA, yesterday she said she two was gobsmacked with the picture.

I have worked with several mayors over the years and within The Sunshine Smile Crew three. Mayor Sam was with us on Sunday as part of his civic engagement diary BUT he came not as our mayor but as a wonderful man bringing love.

I have started to share my ideas for how we take The
Sunshine Smile Crew to new and exiting heights in Year Three. We currently have 152 members, I want to see this grow to 1,000 within a couple of weeks. However, I want to set a condition on membership.

I want to pick up on Darren's personal mission.

If you want to be a member of THE SUNSHINE SMILE
CREW you must make at lease one person smile every day.

As you smile you must do SMALL things with GREAT love.

Overnight Josh sent me a Facebook  message saying he will take me to buy a new phone today, mine is bust !

Josh, mate, any chance you can take me to buy a baseball cap ?

I need to keep my head warm !

The music on today's page all comes from the playlist for today's show. I want to close with something very special to me. Please listen and make it special for you.

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