Thursday, 16 May 2019


Stewart Bailey sent me this picture yesterday.

I wasn't going to write a blog today, crazy day yesterday - late into the studio so I thought I would skip this early morning task but then I opened my laptop !

There are things in there and  things which helped to make my day even crazier than normal yesterday which I do want to share with you.

Thank You Stewart for that lovely picture.

Stewart also sent me this - it's perfect. 

I am going to print it and give it so someone who needs this right now.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Stewart for this - you are such a kind man.


Did you read my blog THE MK WAY ?

At 6.52am yesterday, half way through my show yesterday - CLASSIC LOVE SONGS an e-mail popped in:

Thank you David, and please do give my very best to Jelena.

Best wishes 

Joe is Professor Joe Harrison - CEO University Hospital Milton Keynes. When the big boss from our hospital can take time out from his breakfast to send that it shows why we have such an amazing hospital.

Then this arrived both by e-mail and by letter:
Ambasáid na hÉireann Embassy of Ireland
Dear Mr Ashford
Thank you for your letter of 9 January and my apologies for the delay in replying. I am very grateful to you for sharing with me the story of your daughter Rebekah's life. She was clearly a remarkable girl and young woman to have lived such a happy life despite the challenges of her medical condition.
I am glad to know that the memory of Rebekah's life is again being celebrated this Sunday on Sunshine Smile Day and that the Milton Keynes Irish Centre is hosting the event. What a wonderful way to recall her life and legacy and at the same time to raise some money for some worthwhile causes. Regrettably, official commitments in Ireland this weekend prevent me from joining you in Milton Keynes. Rebekah will however be in my thoughts.
I hope this Sunday's event proves to be a great success and a happy tribute to Rebekah's life. I send my best personal wishes to you and your family.
Adrian O'Neill Ambassador
Embassy of Ireland, 17 Grosvenor Place, London, SW1X7HR

I do to know there is another letter on its way from two wonderful people wishing us
well for Sunshine Smile Day which just happens to be their first wedding anniversary.

Just look at their smiles !

Even the weather is looking good for Sunshine Smile Day.

I had to call the paramedics yesterday. I did not dial 999 but 111. It was not a life or death situation. The lady at the call centre was so kind, patient and understanding. She decided to send an emergency ambulance but minus the blue lights and sirens LOL.

As the ambulance pulled up and the door opened I said This way chaps as two young LADIES emerged.  I corrected myself - This way chapesses.

Their combined ages would still have fallen a decade short of my own. What incredible, loving and understanding people they were.

Earlier I had been speaking with a civilian staff member at Thames Valley Police. Where do all these wonderful people come from ? As you can see my day was full of them.

But it did not stop there.

The person the paramedics were dealing with needed to get some sugar into his system. The best way was for him to eat and drink something. I went to the nearest shop, The Co-op.

I was served by a lady who would be one third my age. Where on earth did the Co-op find such an incredible

She laughed and joked her way through every item as she scanned my shopping. I was stressed when I went into the Co-op but happy and smiling when I left.

4.40am - here I am in the studio 80 minutes from going live with today's show. Locked in this sound-proof building I can not hear anything outside. Not normally but right now I can hear the dawn chorus.

It was in October 1971 at Freshers Day at Oxford I first heard a poem - Desiderata meaning DESIRED THINGS. Here it is set to music.


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