Monday, 20 May 2019

Could this be the civic photograph of the year ?

The Sunshine Smile Crew has held the record for two years having the most viewed image from Milton Keynes ever on Google.

That image depicts Mayor David Hopkins at our Frog Challenge held in September 2017.  

I  had always thought that image would not be surpassed but this new picture taken at Sunshine Smile Day 2019 presents a serious challenge !

Does anyone know of a shop in Milton Keynes that sells baseball caps ?  Preferably baseball caps with a built in wig ?

My new style of hair leave my head feeling cold !

Josh says I look like Bruce Willis. I have to admit I can see a most definite and scary resemblance.

It is weird you know reaching to scratch the top of my head and finding there is nothing to scratch !

This is going to take a lot of getting used to. I hope my hair will grow back in time for another sponsored haircut at Sunshine Smile Day 2020 !

2018's sponsored haircut was to support Ronald McDonald House Birmingham as it cares for families with a child sick in hospital. This year it has been undertaken for Curly Tails Pig Rescue.
Smiling Darren, by any chance were you trying to make me look like your twin brother ?

We are all taking time to draw breath after Sunshine Smile Day but I want to present a plan where the work we do can become twenty, fifty, one hundred times bigger and more effective than it is at present while actually requiring the team to put in time and effort significantly less than we devoted to Sunshine Smile Day.

Currently we play music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire love for good causes.

I would like to suggest to our team that we change that slightly to:

Making people smile, be happy and inspiring love.

Things have developed in such a way that we are supporting - support does not always mean money - families with a child sick in hospital, our homeless and rough sleeping friends, those in need of the Food Bank, our NHS and Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary.

Immediately I can see cross over areas within these good causes.

Add in the many contacts we have and the fact that our Mayor's two civic charities are at the heart of our groups and I can see a way we can achieve so much more than we are at present, everything could spiral upwards with wide smiles and great love touching the hearts of many many people.

We say to Good Cause A: Good cause B is doing this, it you were to link in you would both benefit. How about it ?

If we put two good causes together, even three and presented an idea to them they would make it happen, we would be the catechist and take on responsibility to make it happen.

Although music is a passion of mine and I do not want to cease playing music I have taken it out of my proposal for a revised mission statement. I think we could include art, drama, dance, literature and sport.

All could generate smiles, happiness and love.

I chatted my ideas over with Josh yesterday and he has a very clear idea of his role, it is something we are not properly covering right now.

Tomorrow I will share my thinking with Darren when he joins me on the radio. Darren's personal mission is to make at least one person smile every day. If we made that the
personal mission for every member of our team how powerful would that be !

Lisa was in charge of Sunshine Smile Day, I am deliberately letting her recover from her stupendous effort, I have mentioned my thinking but later in the week I will discuss it in greater detail.

Right now The Sunshine Smile Crew has 152 members. We need to add a zero to that: 1,520. Why can we not ass two zeros: 15,200 ?  Why not three152,000 ?

This is edition number 814 of our blog and is getting ever closer to the magic 100k but are we using the blog to maximum effect ?  It takes me around 90 minutes to write a page - yesterday it pulled 85 readers. Is this effective ?  I do not know - you tell me.
Yesterday was my 150th radio show broadcast on CRMK. I am not convinced the audience figures were that spectacular,

Podcasts are good. We have well passed the 20k minutes figure and are pushing towards the 1k listener figure.

Radio CRMK is a CONTACT, it is not part of our operation. I am very, very careful that we give to the radio station more than we take away.
We have a lovely contact with Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council and their bandstand. There is so much we could do with that bandstand. We could involve all kinds of causes and give back to the council the love it gives to us.

We have the support of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club although we not actually done anything this season. I can see something lovely we could do next season.

I run our website.  It is a mess ! That has to change, we need a dedicated web developer and more than one domain name.

Our social media exposure is weak. This is something I talked over with Josh yesterday. We are achieving perhaps 10% of our potential.

My head - my SKINHEAD - is exploding with ideas.

Josh and I are spending a lot of time together at the moment while his wife, Jelena, is seriously ill in hospital. When she is well again I know she will
be a big part of all we do. 

I want to talk over my thinking with Darren and with Lisa. I want to include Rachel who ran Sunshine Smile Day 2018.

Stewart Bailey sent me this from Doris Day yesterday. I want to run my ideas past Stewart.

Once I have spoken to these key people and TOGETHER decided the way forward we will need to talk with the good causes and contacts we have.

It will then be time to put everything into a melting pot, turn up the heat and bring our ideas to the boil.

In two years we have achieved so much with Rebekah's smile but I believe it is NOTHING to what we can achieve.

If we can help lots of people to do lots of small things with great love we can make a difference in so many lives.

I honestly believe we could spiral what we do and put Rebekah's smile into orbit.

What do you think ?

Let's take that gobsmacked expression on our wonderful Mayor's face and gobsmack ourselves with what we achieve.

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  1. Keep up the good work I must now call you the bald headed geriatric dj!!