Thursday, 18 April 2019

Leon Memories

We LEONITES get everywhere !

Here I am about to fly Leon School from London Heathrow to San Francisco !

So who is that sitting in the flight engineer's seat ?  Let me give you a clue - his nick-name was SWEATY.

Wednesday's radio show - LEON DISCO - has gone crazy. It had the biggest audience of any show since I joined Radio CRMK. The PODCAST has had a total of 3,060 minutes of listeners.

Yesterday's blog had 235 readers.

Now who is in this next picture and where was it taken ?

The teacher is the school's deputy head who appears to be masterminding the burial of WHO in the sands on a Danish beach.  The small child in the picture is my own son, Matthew.

We have to keep this momentum going.

Darren is coming back into the studio on Wednesday morning to co-present a Rock and Roll party with me.

6am to 8am - possibly until 9am WEDNESDAY 24th April we are going to have a LEON ROCK AND ROLL PARTY on the radio.

Who is this ?

What is he doing ?

It was a PEANUT PUSH organised by a group of students to raise money for the school to buy a mini-'bus. People pushed peantuts round a course in the sports hall with their noses !

So who do we have here on MALIBU BEACH ?

When was the photograph taken ?

If you are a LEONITE - no matter what you are planning for Saturday 27th April, I want you to rip up your diary and come to BLETCHLEY BANDSTAND between 10am and 5pm.

Come and say HI - bring your family - come and take some selfies - come and dance - COME AND SHARE MEMORIES OF LEON.

Who remembers the book THE MACHINE GUNNERS from their English classes ?

People were for ever nicking that book to take home and read !

They liked it so much.

Who remembers the book I wrote GARATT'S GANG ? Sadly that was never published and the manuscript is long lost.

That song was banned during the Gulf War. A secret government document was circulated to school advising teachers how to cope with the emotions of teenagers when the body bags started coming home. THANKFULLY that did not happen !

When the film SCHINDER'S LIST was released a copy of the VHS Video was given FREE of charge to every school on condition it was played to every pupil in the school.

Who remembers the Leon School visits to Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam.

When the aids virus first became known the government issued a directive to teachers banning them from discussing
it with pupils ! 

What are your memories of Leon School ?

Bring them to Bletchley Bandstand on Saturday 27th April. Darren and I will then share them in another LEONITE radio show on Wednesday 1st May.

Who is this ?

What is he doing ?

Where  was  the picture taken ?

When was the picture taken ?

A clue - an obscure clue but still a clue.

What on earth is happening here ?

I may be wrong but I think it is the same person as in the picture above.

Who is it ?

Most of my own photographs were lost in the Leon School Fire. Who remembers that ?

What I would like you to do is to dig out your Leon School photographs then send me copies.

Hit me on FACEBOOK or e-mail me:

I will then print them all off and put up a great WALL OF MEMORY at SMILE DISCO. You are coming to SMILE DISCO aren't you ! BRING YOUR FAMILY.

Who remembers the DISNEY FLIERS ?

Everyone would go home after school on a Friday evening, get changed then come back to board coaches - YES COACHES PLURAL - on one occasion we had FIVE = 250 people going along.

We would then drive overnight to be at Disneyland Paris for opening time, spend the entire Saturday in the park before driving back overnight arriving Sunday in time for school again on Monday !

And what about the LEON visits to Alton Towers ?

During the late 1970's, 80's and early 90's LEON SCHOOL had something which no other school at the time, and NO OTHER SCHOOL SINCE has had....

Leon School - The School of Love.

Let's build on the momentum started on last Wednesday's radio show, then wide readership of yesterday's blog.

1. Make this blog go as viral as yesterday

2. Listen to next Wednesday's Rock and Roll radio show: 
3. Come to Bletchley Bandstand on Saturday 27th April.
4. Send me copies of your LEON photographs.
5. Come to SMILE DISCO

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