Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Time To Rock And Roll

Be there or be SQUARE !

Saturday 27th April we will be holding a Rock and Roll party at Bletchley Bandstand in a run up to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

We will be playing music using a traditional vinyl disco twin deck.

We aim to be on site at 7.30am and to be set up for when the shops open. We will then start playing the music.

We will be handing out sweets and balloons, we will be talking to people about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and inviting them to come along.

We need friends to come and give an hour of their time to have fun with the public and tell them about Sunshine Smile Day.

Any good cause coming to Sunshine Smile Day is invited to display their work on the bandstand and to engage in the music. We need as many friends as possible to help us during the day.

The party will continue until the end of the afternoon.

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

Being at Bletchley Bandstand does mean we can not be at the Irish Centre Car Boot Sale and so will have to forefeet the money we
would make. We need the money to help cover our costs for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

To help defray this we will be having a small bric-a-brac stall within the music. Our pitch at Milton Keynes Irish Centre is FREE each week but we will have to pay a standard £20 market stall for the bric-a-brac so we need lots of SMALL stuff to sell. Can you help ?

Stepping aside from the Rock and Roll for a moment please check out our LOVING TREE. Take a look and see just how many wonderful people and organisations are supporting SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

You will find one of the branches on our LOVING TREE belongs to Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Council who has invited us to use the bandstand - wonderful people.

If it aint vinyl then it aint music ! At SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and at Bletchley Bandstand we will be having a vinyl

We have some amazing prizes in the tombola including; Michael Jackson's 12" single THRILLER, Fleetwood Mac's RUMORS, Cliff Richard's SUMMER HOLIDAY and WAIT FOR IT Pink Floyd's DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.

Can you give us an hour to help at Bletchley Bandstand on Saturday 27th April ?

If you are one of the good causes coming to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY can you let us have some display material we can put on the bandstand ?  Better still can you drop by and help tell everyone what you will be doing at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Do you please have any STUFF we could sell on the bric-a-brac stall ?

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