Sunday, 28 April 2019

THREE weeks to go...

THREE weeks today it will be SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.  Yes, just three weeks.

All happening at Milton Keynes Irish Centre - a FAMILY AFTERNOON followed by SMILE DISCO. So let's have a bit of a round up of the planning to date.

6am to 8am Monday - The Geriatric DJ will be broadcasting MONDAY MORNING MUSIC MEGA MIX. This week all of the music played will be to celebrate our LOVING TREE and to thank some wonderful people who are supporting SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.
Let's have something from the playlist shall we.

Was Saturday's Rock and Roll Party at Bletchley Bandstand
a failure ? Depends how you look at it...... The weather was garbage !  Not a single market trader turned up - we were the only stall. Hardly anyone braved the town to shop.  We found we had a hideous typo on the posters ! Ooooooppppsssss !  The wind kept blowing the stylus across the vinyl records so we had to play everything digitally. We decided to pack up at lunch-time.  FAILURE ?  Could be but.....................................
We gave out loads of leaflets.We found a volunteer for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, made £7 profit from our bric-a-brac and tombola stall and spoke to some lovely people. Does that not spell SUCCESS ?

Tuesday's radio show with The Geriatric DJ - MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION 6am to 9am will feature the very best of Elton John and promote the VINYL TOMBOLA on Sunshine Smile Day.  With the grotty weather on Saturday we did not even put out the vinyl tombola so fingers crossed for three weeks time !

Left to right....
LISA - SUNSHINE SMILE CREW MANAGEMENT TEAM wearing an autographed shirt from Watford FC.
SMILING DARREN - SUNSHINE SMILE CREW MANAGEMENT TEAM wearing an autographed shirt from West Ham.  Wearing a Southampton shirt is avid listener and music fan RYLEE VARNHAM. Finally, on the right is the SILLY OLD MAN himself The Geriatric DJ with autographed footballs From Fullham and Leicester City FC.

These wonderful gifts which will be included in the raffle at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY with all profits being donated to Ronald McDonald House to hep care for children who are sick in hospital came following Barclays Premier League checking out the PODCAST of the post-charity football match David
broadcast in March.  David is broadcasting another overnight disco party this coming week-end to support all of the good causes taking part in SUNSHINE SMILE DAYBut before that what is happening on the radio this coming Wednesday ? (SORRY about the paragraph formatting - those idiot geeks at Google are screwing up AGAIN !) 6am to 9am on Wednesday will be two
hours of SILLY music as The Geriatric DJ applauds the work of all the good causes taking part in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.  Please put this date in your diary and listen in..... As The Geriatric DJ is ever fond of saying..... LIFE IS A LOT MORE FUN IF YOU ARE SILLY !

Things do not come a lot more silly than the shoes he was wearing at Bletchley Bandstand on Saturday ! SORRY BUT THE IDIOT GOOGLE GEEKS WILL NOT ALLOW PARAGRAPH FORMATTING AROUND PICTURES TODAY - that's not being silly it's being STUPID, THICK and a GEEK !

Thursday's show - WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS will feature waltzes from the Strauss Family.

6am to 8am

For Friday's show PICK OF THE POPS the time machine will be going back to 3rd May 1969. The world was on the verge of a new decade - what a decade that was. Can you believe that was FIFTY years ago.  SCARY !  Make sure you listen in FRIDAY 6am to 8am.  Here's something from the chart.....

The BBC say the weather for next Saturday will be good - can you honestly believe anything that failing and biased institution says ?  However, we have our fingers crossed.

We are planning to go to the car boot sale at MK Irish Centre on Saturday to promote SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and SMILE
DISCO as well as running a stall to make a few pennies. ANDY has been absolutely INCREDIBLE gathering STUFF for us to sell at the
boot sales. We use the boot sales to fund our work. EVERY penny raised for a good cause within what we do goes to that good cause.  We could do with some more STUFF to sell as we have major costs coming up ahead of Sunshine Smile Day.  That brings us to SUNDAY - 11pm Sunday to 9am Monday David will be broadcasting another of his overnight radio shows.... www, This show looks forward to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY which will then be just two weeks away .

Last week David met with Sara from Milton Keynes Winter
Night Shelter. Smiling Darren went along to a homeless shelter to chat with friends there. Both will be following up these meetings over the coming week.
Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter and Milton Keynes Foodbank are the causes SMILE DISCO is supporting. We..... PLAY MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND TO INSPIRE LOVE FOR GOOD CAUSES.

THREE weeks today it will be SUNSHINE SMILE DAY - scary !!!!!!!

See you there !

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