Sunday, 14 April 2019

Sunshine Smile Day Newsletter

Let's have a bit of a round up and tell everyone where we are in the planning.

Not quite there yet but it is looking as if we will have FIFTY stalls at the FAMILY AFTERNOON.

The task now before the organisers is to tell the world all that is happening and make sure Manor Field is packed with smiling people.

REMEMBER ADMISSION IS FREE and there is plenty of parking.

If each of the stalls were to tell 10 families about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and each family consisted of four people that
would be 2,000 extra people coming along.  If each family spent just £10 at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY that would generate an extra £5,000 for the good causes we are seeking to support.

This week Rachel who so brilliantly organised SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2018 is meeting with Lisa who is in charge this year. One they have chatted things will no doubt make the jump to light speed.

No effort is being made to fill Manor Field and Milton Keynes Irish Centre with smiles.

This coming week we will be finalising publicity material and drawing up a schedule to get fliers and posters out into the community.

We will also be printing the raffle tickets.

Have you seen the LOVING TREE and the amazing support give to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY ?

David's sponsored haircut this year is being organised to support Piggie Alfie at Curly Tails.

We do have indoor accommodation in event of rain but it is not going to rain on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is it !

The FAMILY AFTERNOON will be followed by SMILE DISCO in the evening.

The disco is open to all but within it we want to have a LEONITE reunion. Are you coming ?

Music at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY will be using a traditional vinyl twin deck.

Both at the family afternoon and at the disco we will be having a vinyl tombola.

Every Tuesday on Radio CRMK until SUNSHINE SMILE DAY  David will make his show a feature of the records we will be putting into the tombola.

Wednesday shows will feature the good causes coming to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

On Saturday 27th April we will be at Bletchley Bandstand holding a ROCK AND ROLL PARTY to promote SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

We will be there from 9am to 5pm. Any good cause involved in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is welcome to come along and tell people about the work it does.

We will also be running a tombola and bric-a-brac stall at the bandstand to help cover costs.

Starting at 11pm on Sunday 5th May and running to 9am on Monday 6th May David will be broadcasting one of his overnight radio parties.

Every track on the playlist can be sponsored for one of the good causes taking part in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY - CLICK HERE and get sponsoring...

Sunday 28th April - Saturday 4th May - Sunday 5th May - Saturday 11th May - Sunday 12th May - Saturday 18th May..... We will be at the car boot sales, Saturday Milton Keynes Irish Centre and Sunday MK Bowl.

That's SIX sales between now and SUNSHINE SMILE DAY
The boot sales help us meet costs with our music but for these six dates there will be a more important thing to do.

We want to engage with people, hand out sweets, balloons and fliers as we tell them all about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Could you come along for an hour at one of our sales and help ?

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019 is going to be a success, no doubt at all about that.

We actually have the police coming along to arrest anyone who is not smiling !



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