Sunday, 28 April 2019

Press Release

I am going to put out a press release to promote SUNSHINE SMILE DAY

In the twenty-first century are traditional press 
released still relevant ? 

Let's have a little experiment. Let's see if Milton Keynes Citizen picks up this press release and just how deep in their newspaper it buries it then let's see how 
many readers this blog page attracts and how many likes/shares it achieves on social media.

So here we go..................


David, better known as The Geriatric DJ, presents five early morning shows each week on Radio CRMK. Here he is with members of his music fan club: Lisa Wearing a Watford shirt, Darren a West Ham shirt, Rylee a Southampton shirt while The Geriatric DJ is holding footballs from Leicester City and Fullham.

All have been autographed by players for The Geriatric DJ to use at Sunshine Smile Day and Smile Disco happening on Sunday 19th May at Milton Keynes Irish Centre.

Radio CRMK is now in its 41st year of broadcasting. Originally Cable Radio Milton Keynes it now sends music from its Newport Pagnell studio to listeners all round the world via the Internet.

David explained, as well as broadcasting on the radio I play music on YouTube, a daily blog, my website and in the community. I play music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire love for good causes.

At a recent 24 hour charity match held to support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter The Geriatric DJ was there to report on the game. Here he is with Winter Night Shelter's Communications Manager Sara Millington.

Following the event David broadcast a post-match overnight disco party, Barclays Premier League sent its trophy to the match then learning of The Geriatric DJ's music gave him gifts 
to use at Sunshine Smile Day.

The smile in the music, David explained, belongs to my late daughter who passed away on Friday 19th May 2017. Each year we hold, on the anniversary of her death, a big party to support good causes.

Sunshine Smile Day on Sunday 19th May at Milton Keynes Irish Centre will raffle the Barclays Premier League gifts during the family afternoon to support Ronald McDonald House Charity as it loves families with a child sick in hospital. As a small child in London's Guys Hospital Rebekah's family was among the first to receive this love from the very first Ronald McDonald House in Great Britain.

After the family afternoon there will be Smile Disco at Milton Keynes Irish Centre where The Geriatric DJ will be playing the music. This is being held to support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter and Milton Keynes Food Bank. Admission on the door is payable with a coin for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, a tin for Milton Keynes Food Bank and a smile for the music. - A SMILE, A COIN AND A TIN TO GET IN.

Here's a picture which appeared in the Milton Keynes Citizen in 1984.

It was taken at a 24 hour charity disco organised by Head of Year, David, at Leon School. Now The Geriatric DJ, David's music is supported by over one hundred of his former students with Sunshine Smile Day being organised and hosted by a team of those students. 

Said David, it is twenty years since I left Leon yet every day  LEONITES work with me PLAYING MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND TO INSPIRE LOVE FOR GOOD CAUSES. Leon School in the late 1970's and throughout the 1980's was The School of Love so come and enjoy that love and our music at Sunshine Smile Day 2019.

Well that's it.  Let's see which wins: The traditional local newspaper or twenty-first century social media !

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