Sunday, 7 April 2019

Music And Movement

Are you of an age to remember MUSIC AND MOVEMENT as a lesson in school ?

If you are an oldie like me it may have been a feature of your junior school. It was PE done to music, I never liked it much - it was all a bit too cissy.

However, today's page is titled MUSIC AND MOVEMENT. The music is made up from the five
shows I will broadcast on the radio today. The movement is my DOINGS LIST for the week.

Three years ago I spent time researching the songs which were number one hits on my birthday. I then published them as a collection on YouTube.  This was number one on the day I was born.

During Monday Morning Music Mega Mix I will be playing today a selection of hits from my birthdays. Do please listen
in 6am to 8am 

This week-end's car boot sales were not exactly a success !

Saturday at Milton Keynes Irish Centre we took £41 but someone swung a dud £10 note on me so we just made £31. Yesterday at MK Bowl we took only £22.15p !  £53.15p will just about cover the cost of fuel and postage with a bit left over for printing ink.

Most of the money was made selling things for 20p, 50p and £1. We really did not have anything of higher value.

Before we can go to sales next week-end we need STUFF to sell - LOTS OF STUFF. Lisa has worked out that we will need £600 to cover costs for Sunshine Smile
Day so PLEASE could you have a turn out and let us have STUFF to sell. Thanks.

Tomorrow's show MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION features Cliff Richard and two albums - SUMMER HOLIDAY and WIRED FOR SOUND.

6am to 8am www,

I have set up a page which I am calling THE LOVING TREE listing all who have donated raffle prizes or who are going the extra mile to make Sunshine Smile Day a fabulous success.

I am working on the RADIO DISCO page, I need to finish the playlist then invite people to sponsor tracks for the good causes Sunshine Smile Day is working with.

Wednesday's show, LET'S INSPIRE, will introduce Piggie Alfie to the world. Our music has adopted Alfie at Curly Tails Rescue Centre. As part of Sunshine Smile Day I will be taking part in a sponsored haircut for Alfie.

I need to get that added to the website and also I want to make a page explaining what Rebekah's smile has achieved over the past two years.

A lot of time this coming week is going to be spent chasing people who say they are doing something for Sunshine Smile Day but have yet to get their act together.  I think I will be chasing myself a bit LOL.

Thursday's show WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS will feature a series of pieces I really like but have not played very much on the radio.

The PODCAST for this show and all shows will be available round about 9.30am on the day of broadcast.

The thing that really worries me about Sunshine Smile Day, it keeps me awake at night, is the fact that we will put on a fabulous day but nobody will turn up !  I am particularly worried about SMILE DISCO so today I have to design posters, fliers and hit social media to make sure thousands of people come along.

That brings us to Friday's show - PICK OF THE POPS. The time machine will be going back to 12th April 1962, I was 11 years old back then. 

Once I have published today's blog I have to finish writing the playlist for Friday's shows then start to draft a few things for next week's broadcasts.

I will be playing this on today's show - it was number one on my 12th birthday in 1962.

This was number 28 on 12th April 1962 so will feature in Friday's show.

MUSIC AND MOVEMENT...................

Do listen to today's show - 6am to 8am PODCAST available round about 9,30am

Today's show will be number 118 broadcast since I joined Radio CRMK - enjoy the music and please support the MOVEMENT to make SUNSHINE SMILE DAY a phenomenal success.

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