Thursday, 11 April 2019

Memories of Leon School

3.39am - here I am in the studio getting ready to broadcast my FRIDAY show Pick Of The Pops. I had an issue this morning as someone "fiddled" with the broadcast computer making it difficult for me to load the playlist. BUT NEVER MIND THAT !  Who recognises the picture above ?

Leon School's production of PIRATES OF PENZANCE.  My Thursday show last week is going to be the complete operetta from Gilbert and Sullivan. NOT Leon but Jon English here in Pirates.

On 7th March my show featured Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds. CLICK HERE for the Podcast.

Leon School performed War Of The Worlds at Bletchley Leisure Centre.

At 6am today I will be live with my 122nd show on Radio CRMK = Cable Radio Milton Keynes. Today the time machine is going back to 12th April 1962 to have some fun with the Top Thirty Chart from that year.

Let's have a track shall we - This was number 22.

I love my job as a Radio DJ. I broadcast five two hour shows each week. Next week I will be broadcasting for thirteen hours, my Pirates of Penzance show will have to extend as there is too much to fit into a twp hour slot then on Wednesday afternoon I am covering the show DECADES. Dave and Charlotte run their show with tracks from the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's but I am taking things next Wednesday as far back as the music hall and will be including some wartime tracks.

That will be show 126 I broadcast on the world's number one internet radio station BIT IT IS SHOW 125 I am so eagerly
looking forward to.

Wednesday 17th April 6am to 8am is going to be a LEON DISCO.

Thanks to all LEONITES for sending in their favourite tracks.

Right is Sir John Leon - King of the Leonites.

Better known as John Standing the actor I will be playing something for John. I may even slow the disco down a bit to include this.

Playing opposite Sir Alec Guinness John was in the famous BBC production of Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy. Last year I almost shouted out loud in the cinema JOHN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE when his face appeared in the film Churchill The Darkest Hour.


I am going to open Wednesday's show with this track requested by Darren.

YES, the boys are back in town !  I have regular LEONITE listeners to my radio shows, not only in the UK but also in
USA, Australia and Europe.

Wednesday is going to be a LEON DISCO.

Have you sent me your request yet ?

Hit me up on FACEBOOK or drop me an e-mail:

This next track has been requested by both Martin Riddy and Lysa Hardy.

I am actually going to play that when I cover Dave & Charlotte's show DECADES on Wednesday. I will follow it up with something from Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens who died on that day when the music died.

I know that Leonite Paul Stanley, who is part of my music support group, likes this so I will be playing this at number eight on the playlist.

Leonite Maggie who is also my on-line matron making sure I do not over do things shared this Leon memory....

Swimming galas were my fav too, remember Mrs Clarke(I think), wearing the perfume poison.When I did extra french lessons in break Mrs Griffiths always gave me a cup of tea !! Mr Salver doing all kinds of things to get us interested in learning history and remembering it. The ice cream vans in
the playground, also sadder memories too. Long hot summer by the style council please - reminds me of all the long summer holidays in between finishing one school year and starting the next school year !

Here's a picture of LEONITE MAGGIE at last year's SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Here I am at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY with LEONITE PAUL and his daughter.

That picture was taken after my sponsored haircut. David's Sponsored Haircut 2019 will be happening on the music stage of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY at 2.30pm.

I did not make it to San Francisco this year for another photoshoot in Hippie Park but hope to get back to The City By The Bay sometime next spring.

When I do I plan to drive to Sacramento and meet up with LEONITE STEVE who has shared this
school memory: One of my fav memories of Leon was walking through the back doors to the playing fields and smelling the fresh cut grass. Song..Kings of the wild frontier.

Steve I know you have requested Kings Of The Wild Frontier and I will be playing it for you but I will also be playing this.

For those who do not know that version is played by Coilback with Steve on guitar.  I often play it on the radio and Mick Jagger keeps complaining your version is better than his !

LEONITES GET EVERYWHERE - Thanks Andy for your amazing support to our music.

LEONITE RACHEL has requested this for next Wednesday's show.

While LEONITE PAULA has asked for this.

Paula runs Milton Keynes Irish Centre which is hosting SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019 - Paula you are a MEGA STAR. Paula says..... Maybe something by Take That, as they came and sang for the students:)  Yes, they did and used my office as their green room - bloody pain they were !

Here's a quick pic from last year's LEONITE reunion.

Yes, next Wednesday's radio show is going to be a reunion but the BIGGIE is happening at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019 being organised by LEONITE LISA.  Lisa you have not told me what track you would like me to play for you !

Lisa you have told me that you are not into classical music so do not listen to my Thursday show - Wake Up With The Classics but you do like it when I play something from The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - WHERE CLASSICAL MUSIC MEETS ROCK AND ROLL !

Yep, I will play that for you !

After the family day at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY we are having SMILE DISCO.

I will be vacating the radio studio to DJ the party.

SMILE DISC is not exclusively LEONITE but we LEONITES will be leading the dancing.

So what music will I be playing ?  What track am I going to play for myself on Wednesday ?  Here you go !

5.02am !  Blimey I have been writing this page for 1 hour 23 minutes !  Time for breakfast then I'll be live. Do listen in The PODCAST will be available round about 9.30am.

I'll write a little bit more I think, a little bit more to celebrate my LEONITE friends.

LEONITE John Edwards has asked me to play this on Wednesday.

SORRY NIGEL I could not resist putting that pic onto today's page.  I'll play a bit of country music for you on Wednesday - PROMISE !

Hey William Hewitt - you did have a good birthday this week didn't you ?  THANKS for all your help with music on Bletchley Bandstand.

5.16am - I really must stop writing and get ready for today's show.

Martin Riddy has requested this which I will play to close the page.  I'd like also to dedicate it to LEONITE ARIF - Arif you do ride a Harley don't you ?

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