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LEON - The School of LOVE

Thursday 18th April 2017 - 2.32am - the studio at Radio CRMK is set up and ready for the day.  I'll be live at 6am with WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS - but that's another story.

My day normally starts at 2am then at 4pm I switch off my phone, close the laptop and chill out before bed. NOT YESTERDAY, I finally wrapped up the day at 8.30pm. In bed I could not sleep for my head was buzzing with all that happened yesterday, an incredible day. A day packed with LOVE - LOVE from an incredible institution from the 1970's and 1980's. LEON THE SCHOOL OF LOVE

How many LEONITES - students from Leon School - THE SCHOOL OF LOVE - in the picture at the top of the page do you recognise ? The picture would have been taken round about 1984. Can you pick out in that first picture my studio guest from yesterday morning ?

Yesterday's radio show was a LEON DISCO.  So many Leonites had sent in requests we had to extend the show from two to three hours. 

The moment I hit the button for the show to go live the broadcast computer exploded with Leonite listeners. The
phone never stopped flashing as text after text came in. Facebook went into overdrive as the Leonite messages of love threatened to crash the entire World Wide Web !

I can not say If you missed the show catch the podcast - so many were listening live - but what I can say is LISTEN AGAIN - CHECK THE PODCAST.

Dave and Charlotte, presenters of DECADES, could not present their show yesterday. I was given the honour of covering the show. Live on the radio from 6pm to 8pm the messages and texts were still coming in from that LEON DISCO morning show. Do check out The Geriatric DJ's show from DECADES - enjoy the podcast.

Let's play something from that show.

So I broadcast for a total of five hours yesterday. A dear friend, Josh, will say that when I leave the radio studio I am HIGH ON LIFE - I was indeed high on life, following the LEONITE LOVE from yesterday I am STILL high on life.

I left Leon School in 1995 - 24 years ago yet my LEONITE friends are at the very centre of the music I play.....


My LEONITE studio guest and I could not stop laughing as we recalled memories from both sides of the blackboard.

We played something special for Headmaster Bruce Abbott - an incredible man. If you are a LEONITE you will understand its significance.

station and headed to McDonald's for meeting with two LEONITES.....

Lisa who is organising SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019 and Rachel who organised last year's extravaganza.

Sitting in McDonald's, chatting about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY we were overheard by a member of staff who immediately threw her hand in with an offer of help !  The love of the Leonites is infectious.

That was last year's sponsored haircut. For Sunshine Smile
Day 2019 LEONITE Studio Guest Darren is going to cut my hair. 

Darren came into the studio yesterday dressed in yellow for our SUNSHINE SMILE. He is going to dye his hair YELLOW for the sponsored haircut.

We played that track on yesterday morning's show for Sir John Leon. John, you will understand the significance as will every Leonite. John your family has given it's name to The School of Love.

We played that yesterday for Leonite Governor, David Taylor, founder of Taylor's Dairy. David was attached to my year group and was such an inspiration to us all. David passed away many years ago now but Taylor's Dairy lives on.
On my way back to the radio station to broadcast DECADES I popped in to see my dear friend Josh and his wife Mrs Josh. Here's Josh playing music at last year's LEONITE REUNION. Josh is not a Leonite, poor chap - he went to Sir Frank Markham School.

Are you coming to this year's LEONITE REUNION ?  SMILE DISCO ?

LEONITE LISA sent me a message overnight to say that a Fish and Chip van will be providing the............ well, fish and chips - at SMILE DISCO.

SMILE DISCO and SUNSHINE SMILE DAY are being hosted by LEONITE PAULA who runs Milton Keynes Irish Centre. LEON THE SCHOOL OF LOVE.

Paula asked me to play this yesterday on the radio.

She recalled the day when Take That Came into Leon. I tell you they nearly drove me crazy as they waited in my office. I
nearly put the lot of them on detention !

Pictured left is 14 year old Leonite Darren.  After yesterday's show  slightly older Darren sent me a beautiful message.

........loved every moment this morning , you've given me the bug now , lol plus I like it when you smile n giggle , cos that's what its all about...................


Darren is coming into the studio next Wednesday to share more memories and to have a Radio Rock and Roll party with me.

Darren, you will understand this next track - Desmond has a trolley in the market place.... You and I both understand the joke !

Next Wednesday's show is in part to tell everyone about the Rock and Roll Party LEONITES are organising on Bletchley bandstand ahead of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

LEONITE and town council member William Hewitt set that up for us. William we played this on the radio for you yesterday.

4.27am - have I really been writing this page for two hours ?

Here's a picture from Leon School's production of Pirates of Penzanze.

I am a great fan of Gilbert and Sullivan. At 6am I a making my Thursday show the entire opera.

Not Leon School but here's something from that great opera.

Leon School - The School of Love. LEONITES I can not thank you enough for the love you show to my family and to
the music I play. THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW which takes the music to make people smile, be happy and inspire love for good causes is made up entirely of LEONITES.

My wonderful LEONITES I love you all.

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