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I HATED school - hated it with a vengeance. If you can afford £1.99 you can READ JUST HOW MUCH I HATED SCHOOL.

School was was was monochrome.

For me, my schooldays were in no way the happiest days of my life. I have a feeling that for most of us growing up in the 1950's and 1960's it was the same.

Rock and Roll followed by The Swinging Sixties were a reaction to the monochrome.

The horrors of World War Two were vivid in the memory of society.

I was born in 1950 yet rationing was still in force. People did not have a lot of money and if they did there was not a lot they could buy with the cash.

We went to school to pass examinations and get a job. My parents' and grandparents' generation went to school to pass the time until they could serve their country, to die for their country. 
I never knew my Uncle Billy, he was killed on 8th March 1945 when his Lancaster Bomber was shot down during a raid over Germany.

It will cost you £2.99 to read Billy's story.

So what were your school days like ?

LEONITES what were your school days like ?

Thanks Kimberly Cheney-Cade for sharing that photograph. I will add it to the LEONITE gallery I am working on. CHECK IT OUT.

LEONITES did you know that there was an atomic warning siren on the roof of the tower block. When, not IF - WHEN, World War Three came it would warn residents of the end of the world.

LEONITES do you remember the school dining room ?  Do you remember there were two dining rooms but only one was in use ?  The small dining room could not be changed as the space was designated for use by civil defence when world war three came.

This horrible picture ran on the front page of a British newspaper. It so accurately depicts the horrors of The Vietnam War. Britain was spared that horror but it was an every day feature of life and gave rise to the hippie movement and 1967 The Summer of Love.

It's 3.19am, I'm in the studio rattling the keys on my laptop to write this blog. At 6am I will go live with my show MUSIC

I will be nervously looking at the broadcast computer to see how many listeners I have to my show.

Audience figures ?  

Where does the line between being effective and my cruising on an ego trip rest ?

World War One....World War Two...The Cold War...The Vietnam War.....  BAD TIMES....nothing like the horrors of those years today !

No, but we do have horrors which would have been beyond comprehension when I was a child, when my father was a child.

If any generation within those years had been told about The Food Bank or The Winter Night Shelter they would not have believed such organisations could exist.

I do not need to explain, do I ? ........what these organisations are. Every reader knows. No matter where in the world a reader is there will be similar organisations.

My Uncle Billy who gave his life before he reached his 21st birthday would wonder if his
sacrifice and that of so many others was worth it.

Few on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 would disagree that politicians are a lower life form. The BeauroRATS who spend their lives putting ticks in boxes with no understanding of anything beyond the red tape they generate by the mile......

Are they responsible for a society that needs a Winter Night Shelter and a Food Bank ?  I am not sure, their failing activities do not help but ultimate responsibility does not rest
with them.

We are actually living through World War Three, Not the way we perceived it. The nuclear warning siren on top of Leon School may not be sounding, the school's unused dining room has not been brought into force by Civil Defence but we ARE living through World War Three.

I have not played any music on  today's  blog !

I will in a moment.  I will play music in PART TWO of today's page.

LEONITE Maggie posted that thought on Facebook this morning.  Maggie is a wonderful lady who radiates love and kindness.

I play music to make people smile, be happy and inspire love for good causes.

LEONITES, I want you to join me in a battle here in World War Three. I want you to play music with me.

With YOUR help WE can win this little battle and bring the war closer to an end.

LEONITES I hope your memories of school are a little more positive than my own. The years have shown that LEON SCHOOL in the 1970's and 1980's was THE SCHOOL OF LOVE. I want you to bring that LOVE as the weapon to win the battle here in World War Three.

It's NOT actually a Leon Disco, the music is being provided by a former student from DENBIGH SCHOOL.

I will, however, be the DJ.


LEONITES I want you to lead the dancing - I want you to win the battle - to win the battle with love.

I am not sure what the capacity for the hall at Milton Keynes Irish Centre, we will not tell LEONITE Paula who runs the centre, but let's aim for..... 300 people coming to SMILE DISCO....400 ?

Let's say we get only 250 people.....

If each person brings just one tin that gives us more gifts for The Food Bank than even the biggest Supermarket in the area donates in a month.

If each person gave £2 that would put £500 towards the 2020 season for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter's work.

So LEONITES will you bring your love and make this  happen ?  Win the battle in World War Three to make ours a better society to live in.

YES, I hated my own school days. I wish I had been a LEONITE but I am not sure I would have wanted me as my head of year !

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