Tuesday, 30 April 2019

I am worried

I am the sort of person who will worry if he has nothing to worry about !

I've been like that all my life but right now I am VERY worried. VERY - VERY - VERY WORRIED !

You can say, I have said, that last SATURDAY at Bletchley Bandstand was a success - we raised £7 towards the costs of Sunshine Smile Day, gave out leaflets and recruited a volunteer for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter but the weather forced us to pack up less than half way through the day.

What if we have bad weather on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY itself ?

Lots and lots and lots is planned. Fingers crossed for the weather but what if the sun is shining brightly and nobody turns up ?

We have just eighteen days to go - just eighteen days.  Sitting here in the radio studio - 3.14am - ahead of going live at 6am with two hours of silly music to promote SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and SMILE DISCO I am packing eighteen years of worry into those eighteen days.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon as part of a team reviewing a system being developed for patients to engage with Milton Keynes Hospital via their phones in order to manage clinical out patient appointments.

Our hospital spends TWO MILLION POUNDS a year on
postage and patient letters. If modern technology can be introduced much of this can be saved.

I don't use a smart phone, I tell people I do not want one as I do not want it controlling my life but the truth is I do not know how to use one,

On yesterday's page - CLICK HERE - I questioned how many people I could engage with a press release for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.  61 people read the blog page.

This is where the PODCASTS stood 24 hours ago.

And below this is were they stand at 3.28am today.

SIX listeners.....

FORTY minutes of playtime...

Probably marginally better than that achieved over the same time period by Radio Boring !

I think we can deduce from this that I am NOT good with social media. I do not see me being able to make the promotion of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY go viral !

I am worried !

I made posters to start advertising everything only to find there was a typo and the wrong date had been put in !

That version is OK isn't it ?

But now how do I get a few hundred out and about to tell
people - to persuade people to come to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY ?


Anyone got a magic wand they can wave ?

Anyone who is better than I am with social media able to sort it ?

Anyone able to take some posters and display them ?

I am worried I will not be able to find the people we need to take away my worry.

Oh well !

5am to 8am this morning I will be live www.crmk.co.uk with LET'S INSPIRE.  I need someone to inspire me to stop worrying.

Them 6pm to 8pm this evening www.crmk.co.uk I am covering the show DECADES.  I am worried I will let the regular presenters down by not having a big audience.

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