Monday, 29 April 2019

Hello - is there anyone out there ?

Did you take time to read yesterday's blog page ?  CLICK HERE

103 people on social media read the PRESS RELEASE as I try to promote SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. Our local newspaper did not get back to me following the e-mail.

Blog figures since I started writing the page towards the end of 2016 are quite good.

Today is the 800th edition. Divide 91,118 by 800 and you get..... 113 and a bit as an average for the day.

Yesterday's page did not even attract an average readership. Oooopppppssssss !

Yesterday was my 134th show on crmk. I did not have a great audience and so far nobody has listened to the podcast !

857 podcast listeners divided by 134 = 6.4 - yesterday's podcast did not even attract one !

This week I am broadcasting a total of 22 hours on the radio.  My normal five early morning show, I am covering DECADES at 6pm on Wednesday then doing a 10 hour show overnight Sunday to Monday.

I'll be live in an hour with today's show:  Once done it will be 4 hours down - 18 to go.

I am not going to promote today's show and I am not going to tag anyone into this blog page when it is published.  Let's see what happens.
We are supporting some fantastic and wonderful good causes - FAR better than the commercial charities which enjoy zillions of supporters and cash so why am I struggling to engage people ?  What am I doing wrong ?

Am I sad ?

No, not really.

Am I worried ?


SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is, of course, important to me on a personal level but more than that, what do we do if we can not get people to turn up and support the good causes we have invited to take part ? I am so looking forward to the music of SMILE DISCO but without lots of people there nobody will be dancing.

How do you get something to viral on social media ?

Can somebody tell me and I'll do it !

Google Analytics tracks our website views, yesterday 18 people looked at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Blog readership ?  Radio listeners ?  Website hits ?

W will tell you tomorrow.

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