Saturday, 20 April 2019

FOUR WEEKS TO GO - Sunshine Smile Day Newsletter

FOUR weeks to go !  FOUR weeks today it will be SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Happy, smiling people ALL welcome.

Sad, miserable people please stay away !

The team is now moving up a gear to make sure the reason for our music is outworked at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.....  To make people SMILE be HAPPY and to inspire LOVE for good causes.

Let's check out the radio shows I will broadcast this week.

But before we do that - LEONITES there's a bit of homework for you all to do in a moment.

You OK with that ? 6am to 8am it's MONDAY MORNING MUSIC MEGA MIX.  I have some great tracks to share with listeners.

Tuesday is MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION, this will be another Country Music Show.

Having LEONITE Darren join me as a guest in the studio last week was such a success I have asked him back again for Wednesday's

This is going to be a Rock and Roll party ahead of something happening on Saturday.  I have one or two tricks up my sleeve to play on Darren.  Darren, you remember me from when I was your Head of Year at Leon so you do not need to guess - YOU KNOW.

People tend to associate me with retro pop but Classical Music is my favourite and within this I just love The Ballet. So Thursday's WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS will be music from The Ballet. Here's something from The Nutcracker.

Friday's show PICK OF THE POPS is going back to the year of 1968, OMG I was 17 years old then, to review the top thirty chart.

Not number one on 26th April 1968 but this was certainly in the chart.

Set your alarm clock for nice and early, each show starts at 6am PROMPT. I am hoping to extend Wednesday's show to three hours so that's a total of ELEVEN hours of music for you to enjoy.

For the SLEEPY JOE people the PODCAST will be on-line for about 9am each day - 10am Wednesday.

Having Darren, who was a student at Leon School back in the 1980's when I was Head of Year. was so special to me.

What was even more special was the number of LEONITES who listened to the show. Then MEGA SPECIAL was the vast number of ex Leon School pupils who made contact with us after the show.

Darren this was the number one hit on the day you were  born ! I had just turned nineteen myself !

Saturday the music continues.  LEONITES will be joining me all day at Bletchley bandstand for a Rock and Roll Party to promote SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

I will dance the Limbo Rock if you will !

Thank You LEONITE William Hewitt, member of Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council, for opening the door for
this to happen.

The day is being run by LEONITES: Lisa, Kevin and Paul.

As well as playing the music we are having a tombola, bric-a-brac stall AND a vinyl tombola. We will be handing out sweets, balloons, simile stickers and fliers to tell everyone about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.  DO COME BY AND SAY HELLO.

That's in the playlist for one of the radio shows this week - not telling you which one. Cliff Richard is autographing a
copy of his album WIRED FOR SOUND to use in the Vinyl Tombola.

Darren has agreed to man the scissors at my 2019 Sponsored Haircut. he has agreed to dye his own hair SUNSHINE YELLOW to do this.

This is from my sponsored haircut 2018.

A major task ahead of me this week is to finalise the 
programme for the music stage at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. We have some FANTASTIC acts coming including the MK Le Le Band.

Sunshine Smile Day does not finish with the 
Family Day. In the evening we are having SMILE DISCO.  

Do not worry LEONITES I have not forgotten your homework.

Graham is running the disco with LEONITES dancing, playing games and promoting the event.

Admission is payable on the door: A SMILE - well that's obvious !  A COIN for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. A TIN for Milton Keynes Food Bank.

During the playing of that song we will be flinging out KNICKERS for dancers to wave up in the air. Each will have a lucky number on which, at the end of the dance, will turn into a prize.

SMILE DISCO is not only open to LEONITES but LEONITES will be promoting it then having a bit of a reunion within the evening.

Dare I play this ? SOD IT !  It's in the radio playlist for this week !

Ahead of and during WEDNESDAY'S radio show then at the Bletchley Bandstand on Saturday LEONITES I want you to:

1. Send me any photographs you have of your time at LEON. At SMILE DISCO we will put everything on display on a memory board.

2. Come to the bandstand and say HI.
3. Share this blog so as many people as possible read it.
4. Bring your family and friends to both SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and SMILE DISCO

LEONITES, do you remember the fish and chip shop opposite school ? We have a mobile chippie coming to SMILE DISCO !


FINALLY. I m broadcasting an over night RADIO PARTY from 11pm on Sunday 5th May to 9am Monday 6th May. ALL of the playlists can be sponsored for the Good Causes taking part in SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

CLICK HERE NOW and support your chosen good cause,

There is still time for your favourite good cause to be a part of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

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