Thursday, 25 April 2019

Flippin Heck It's Friday !

3.25am FRIDAY 26th April 2019.....

Never mind THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY.....

I say....


As you read today's page the best bit is at the end BUT you will have to read everything else before you get there.....

I love presenting my Thursday radio show - Wake Up With
The Classics but listener figures are never up to those of my retro-pop shows other days of the week.  Yesterday's show was Music From The Ballet - I love the ballet.

I was in the studio at Stupid O'clock, as I always am, got through a lot of work then sat back to relax as I broadcast the music.

Broadcasting a retro-pop, rock and roll show, always wakes me up and fires me like a cannon into the day but gentle, beautiful music from the ballet just made me want to chill out and do nothing for the rest of the day.

I was thinking to gently float through Thursday,  I had a lot to do but I would wend my way through the day as ABBA would suggest...........

Andante, Andante !

Then the phone rang.  It was Smiling Darren wanting to talk
about Saturday and our Rock and Roll party at Bletchley Bandstand.

So there was I driving through the morning at around 30mph.  Darren increased the speed of life's Jaguar to 70mph.

I was out doing something or other, can't quite remember what, when I got home there was a card in my letter box saying I had missed a delivery - a parcel had been left with my neighbour.  I collected a huge parcel.  I was expecting something but thought it would come in a small padded envelope. Life's Jaguar suddenly increased its speed to 150mph !

I am surprised a security firm was not engaged to deliver that parcel ! IOt was so valuable, containing autographed footballs and shirts from five different Barclays Premier League clubs.

Opening the parcel my throat tightened and my eyes welled with tears. Such love, such kindness !  These amazing gifts are for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

With my Jag's turbocharger flat out I raced round to see Lisa and drop off some car boot stuff for the bric-a-brac stall we will be running alongside the music at Bletchley Bandstand on Saturday. Thank You William Hewitt for opening the bandstand to us.

Leaving Lisa I had to pull over and read a text which bleeped up on my phone.  It was from Martin saying he could get
another football autographed by a club.  THANK YOU MARTIN.  Martin teaches Ukulele so to say thank you let me play this.

Driving off after reading the text the Jag was up to 200mph.
Back home I began packing the Jag's boot with all of the equipment needed for Saturday's Rock and Roll Party.

Did you see this item of news on The BBC or read the post I made on Facebook ?

1.6 million parcels were given out last year by The Food Bank. Each parcel would contain an average of 10 items meaning 16,000,000 items of love.

I then drove to Milton Keynes Food Bank to collect a banner which we will put on the bandstand tomorrow.

Today, Friday, I will be collecting a banner from Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter to put on the bandstand

With life's Jag sitting on the drive saying PHEW - would you please take me to the garage and put a bit of fuel in me, I started working on a poster for SMILE DISCO.

SMILE DISCO is being held to support Milton Keynes Food Bank and Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

It was Rachel's husband, David, who came up with the lovely phrase A SMILE - A COIN & A TIN TO GET IN. Thank You Paula for hosting the disco.

While I was doing this Maureen was designing fliers for us to hand out at the Bandstand.

Maggie posted this on Facebook yesterday.

Maggie is my personal on-line matron. She also posted something on Facebook as a message to me.....

THANK YOU MAGGIE and THANK YOU SUE for the kind words you added !

I played this song on yesterday's blog.

It was playing on the car CD as I drove to the studio yesterday and was playing in my mind all day long. I actually switched the car CD to repeat.

But back to Maggie's original post.

I chatted to Lisa and to Smiling Darren about this.

We play music to make people smile, to be happy and to inspire love for good causes.

Our music supports families with a child sick in hospital. For those families this is a time of great stress.

I don't personally like the term MENTAL ILLNESS or MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION.

If we stub our toe it hurts. If we cut our finger it hurts.

Different life events stub our mind or cut our brain.

We play music to bring love to those who are homeless and
rough sleeping.  Please do not tell me that a friend in such a low position in life is not suffering mental anxiety.

We play music to inspire love for The Food Bank.  Every family who turns to The Food Bank because they are hungry has a pain in their mind as well as an ache in their stomach.

I have a mental health condition - you bet I do.  SO DO YOU !  You can stub your brain just as easily as you can stub your toe.

No, I do not like the phrase Mental Health Issues, we need to come up with something more accurate and loving. When we play music to inspire love we need to have a soothing motion to support the anxiety people are going through. Does that make sense ?

I want to thank PAUL FOSTER for every day, without fail,
checking the Facebook posts about our music and its love.  I want to thank ANDY who every day shares those posts. I want to thank PAUL STANLEY who every day promotes the love within our music and supporting good causes.


Life's Jaguar is resting outside the studio. Resting ahead of its turbocharger making the jump to light speed again today. I
promise to put some fuel in your tank.

Do you remember the old TV advert - PUT A TIGER IN YOUR TANK ?  Life's Jag, I will put a tiger in your tank later this morning. PROMISE.

Now for the IMPORTANT BIT - remember what I said at the beginning of the blog ?  OMG I wrote that almost two hours ago.

As you have read through today's page I have mentioned those who crossed the road ahead of my speeding Jaguar:  SMILING DARREN - LISA - MARTIN RIDDY - MAGGIE - SUE - PAUL FOSTER - PAUL STANLEY - ANDY - MAUREEN - PAULA - WILLIAM - ARIF - RACHEL...... Without them the engine of my Jag would have failed to start.


They are - every single one
of them LEONITES !  Leon - The School of Love.

So that was Thursday....

Better get on with Friday I guess.

6am to 8am I will be live on the radio with PICK OF THE POPS -
The PODCAST will be available at about 9am.

Never forget that LIFE IS A DISCO - SO DANCE...

And NOBODY can dance a disco quite like a LEONITE.

Time for breakfast - got some YUMMY bits from the bakery in Lidl where Arif is manager...

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