Wednesday, 24 April 2019

A smile a day keeps bad luck and sadness away

I want to thank all who tuned in to listen to SMILING DARREN and myself on the radio yesterday and to thank all who sent in messages during the show. SO KIND !

Apologies for the fact that the PODCAST was not published yesterday. IT IS HERE NOW.

I left home at 1am yesterday, returned briefly at lunchtime, then was out working again to finally sit down at 4pm. Within all of that I forgot to publish the PODCAST - sorry.

3.18am, I am back in the radio studio working and getting ready for today's show at 6am. Driving to the studio this was playing on the car's CD player. I just can not get it out of my head.

Darren, Smiling Darren, worked with me for much of yesterday. If he had £1 for every time he said SMILE he
would be a wealthy man. If I had £1 for every time I said LOVE my wealth would probably match his.

I don't believe in god but I do believe in DESTINY. It was DESTINY that moved Darren and I to bump into each other in a supermarket a few
weeks back - I had not seen Darren since he was 17 years old when he was a student at Leon School and I his head of year. (Darren we won't tell everyone you will be 50 in November !)

Darren has now joined the team managing THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW and the music we play - MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND TO INSPIRE LOVE FOR GOOD CAUSES. Several times yesterday Darren said to me - I do not want anything for myself from this, all I want is to make someone smile every day.

Paul, from The Sunshine Smile Crew Management Team, sent me a text message at five minutes to eight last night.... Quiet today. Hope all is OK.

Sorry Paul, racing from A to B to C yesterday and going via Z kept me away from the laptop.  I am fine but THANK YOU for your concern THANK YOU for your love.

I think it was on Tuesday, it could have been Monday, I was with Josh heading off to do some work with the SMILE. The phone rang. As soon as the call ended it rang again. Then in came a third call. When that ended I said:  OH FOR A QUIET LIFE. With a smile on his face Josh replied: You - a quiet life !  You'd never cope !

Darren - see what you are letting yourself in for.

Yesterday Darren and I met with Lisa to talk about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.    Lisa is doing an incredible job heading up our number one event of the year.  Lisa I don't think we have a coconut shy booked for the day yet !


When I broadcast on the radio I use a computer system called VIRTUAL DJ. During my brief spell at home I managed to connect my laptop with Virtual DJ to our 1970's traditional disco twin deck. WOW !  I am not a technical guy but it

Not at STUPID O'CLOCK, just at SILLY O'CLOCK, on Saturday Darren and I will be setting up the twin deck and Virtual DJ on Bletchley Bandstand for a ROCK AND ROLL PARTY.

At not quite so silly o'clock Lisa will be joining us, she is bringing Husband Kevin and their grandson.

THANK YOU so much Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council for letting us use the bandstand for our party.


We will be outworking Darren's mission all I want is to make someone smile every day. 

We will be handing out sweets, balloons, smile stickers and fliers to tell everyone about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Lisa will be running a bric-a-brac stall and tomobola, as well as playing the music I will be testing our VINYL TOMBOLA ahead of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

 We will be handing out invitations to SMILE DISCO.

At the bandstand we will be featuring the two good causes SMILE DISCO is supporting....

MILTON KEYNES FOOD BANK and MILTON KEYNES WINTER NIGHT SHELTER.  Today and tomorrow I will be collecting material from both fantastic organisations to display at the Rock and Roll Party.

Chatting off microphone during yesterday's show Darren and I pondered we should remake this video using members of SUNSHINE SMILE CREW !

I am getting a bit nervous about Darren !  Here he is dressed in SUNSHINE YELLOW. For SUNSHINE SMILE DAY he is going to dye his hair YELLOW !

This next picture shows my granddaughter checking out my hair for

Darren is cutting my hair with all proceeds going to Curly Tails Pig Rescue.  I had imagined that Darren's role would be ceremonial and there would be a trained hairdresser on hand. NO - this is not how Darren and Lisa have this planned. Not only that but Darren is not going to use scissors but and electric razor !  Darren may have YELLOW HAIR but I will be yellow as in cowardy, cowardy custard from head to toe !

Darren, I think you will make a lot of people smile.

Lisa, is it true you are going to use my sheared hair as a prize on the tombola !

Anyone know where I can buy a wig ?


What are you doing on Saturday ?

Can we extend an invitation for you to come along to Bletchley Bandstand and dance to the music we will be playing ?

Buy some junk from the bric-a-brac stall.

Have a go on the tombola.

DANCE - I'll dance to this if you will.

Well life is a lot more fun if you are silly !

AND Life is a DISCO - SO DANCE !

4.38am - at 6am I will be live on the radio

Today's show is WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS.  I know everyone associates me with retro pop but classical music is my favourite and within that I just love the ballet.  Today's show is nothing but music from the ballet.


FINALLY - I can not get that song from the car CD out of my head so here it is again !

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