Monday, 1 April 2019

47 days to go !

Did you read yesterday's blog  page ?

It was quite IMPORTANT to our music - music to make people smile, be happy and inspire LOVE for good causes.

If you missed it please CLICK HERE

3.05am - the studio is set up for the day. At 6am I will be broadcasting my show MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION -

This is the opening track for the show.

Ever since time nothing's ever been found that's stronger than love...........

Yesterday I took Lisa to Birmingham to visit Ronald McDonald House which every day of the week lovingly cares for 60 families with a child sick in Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital. We  sat down and chatted about Sunshine Smile Day.

Let me share two e-mails received yesterday:


Thank you for your letter, sent to our CEO Jes Staley, which he has passed on to me to respond.

We are delighted that the Premier League trophy could be present at the recent Milton Keynes charity football match, and for your kind comments concerning its accompanying trophy ambassadors. They are always well prepared and very knowledgeable about the trophy itself!

I am afraid it is too short notice to have the trophy present at your upcoming Sunshine Smile Day – the trophy schedule is very busy and booked up very far in advance. However, I was hoping that if we popped a parcel in the post to you with some Premier League merchandise in, such as a selection of football shirts, you may be able to use these as raffle prizes or similar at your upcoming event?

With best wishes for all the good work you continue to do, in memory of your daughter.

Tom Corbett - Barclays Bank

How lovely !

Many thanks David and let’s hope that dream one day comes true!

Hope you are well and all the best.



Sheffield Wednesday Football Club
S6 1SW

Today I have to organise my part of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

I've got to find the muscle to set up the stage.

I need to find someone who can lend us a generator to power the sound system.

I need to do a lot of work to make SMILE DISCO happen.

Watch out I will soon be twisting some arms to help !

We had a great week-end at our car boot sales. Can we do the same again this coming week-end ?

Saturday - Milton Keynes Irish Centre.

Sunday - Milton Keynes Bowl.

Having had a good week-end last week-end we are now a bit short of STUFF to sell.

The BBC - The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation - says the weather will be dry this week-end so if you have anything we could sell we would be very grateful.

Money raised will be used to help make SUNSHINE SMILE DAY happen.

In asking for more STUFF to sell may I thank all who have given us lovely things to sell. Your help is so much appreciated. THANK YOU.

Following chatting at yesterday's meeting Ronald McDonald gave us the idea for ADOPT A TEDDY to include in the Teddy Bear Picnic at SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.  That's on my doings list for today.

Do you have any lonely and unwanted teddies who need adopting ?

47 days to go.....


Tomorrow's show will be all about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

But right now I'd better get ready for today's show. Another
Country Music broadcast.

I am really looking forward to sharing some lovely tracks with you all.

6am to 8am

The PODCAST will be available from around 9.30am.

Let's end today's page with another track from the playlist:


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