Sunday, 24 March 2019

Where is love ?

There is a song in Lionel Bart's musical Oliver - WHERE IS LOVE ?

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3.07am..... I am in the studio all set up and ready to broadcast today's show MONDAY MORNING MUSIC MEGA MIX but right now there are a number of issues pressing on my heart and forcing me to ask the question WHERE IS LOVE ?

I play music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire LOVE for good causes !

Will you be listening ?  6am to 8am

My Monday show has two regular features......


It is not difficult to guess what I am going to moan about today.....


Brexit and our out of touch, uncaring, self-serving and I use the next work carefully..... EVIL politicians.

On Saturday I was invited to meet the Prime Minister. Goodness knows why I was so invited. I TURNED DOWN THE INVITATION.

At the time where those with nothing better to do were with rolling their ego with this apology for a politician I was at Milton Keynes Irish Centre - NOW THAT IS A CENTRE OF LOVE - running a car boot sale stall to raise money to support the music we play. That boot sale raised a total of £36.

Yesterday morning I was at the MK Bowl car boot sale where I made £21.  £57 to help fund the music we play - MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND INSPIRE LOVE FOR GOOD CAUSES.

I think this week we will need to spend something like £120 on that music - Short by £63. Oh dear, what a shame NEVER MIND !

If someone reading this page were to say: I'll write you a cheque for that £63 I would say NO ! If you want to write a
cheque you write it to the good causes our music supports NOT to our administration.

Leaving Saturday's car boot sale I went to Milton Keynes Hospital.  I was chatting to a nurse who suddenly grabbed me and gave me an enormous hug as she thanked me for just being there and for what I was saying.

I wonder how many people who have written big cheques to Milton Keynes Hospital or any other good cause have been given such a hug of love.

3.34am - The second feature on Monday Morning Music Mega Mix is MONDAY MORNING MEDICAL MOMENT.  That
hug of love will be this week's feature.

I love talking to people at the weekly car boot sales. I have my regulars who come by to chat... some spend money but the chat is the important thing.

At yesterday's sale there were two people I spoke with who I am proud to have met.

There was one man, an African man whose English was less than perfect, as he spent 40p on the stall we chatted. Then as he
left he said to me: You are friendly, most people do not speak to me. We only made £21 at yesterday's sale but that 40p is so important within it to our music. It is worth infinitely more than a million pounds given by an ego-centred donor doing it for nothing more than their own self-congratulation.

Two ladies, Mum and Daughter, came by both wearing the Islamic head scarf. The daughter, who would have been sixteen or so was sorting through some 7" vinyl singles on the table.

So do you like vinyl music ?  I asked.

Mum explained that her daughter was an artist and the records were to be used in an art project. That really excited me, we talked and talked and talked about what she was doing. That young girl spent £1, £1 which will be used IN LOVE to play our music in LOVE.

There are those who think that giving money to a good cause is all you need to do.


There are those who then shout as loud as they can about the money they have given. OH DEAR !

If money is not given in GENUINE LOVE then it is worthless. Totally and utterly worthless. Someone could give a million pounds but without love it is not worth that 40p or £1 from yesterday.

4am, in two hours time I will be live on the radio.............6am to 8am      Do try to listen.

Returning home I will publish the PODCAST - that should be available round about 9am.

I am then going with Lisa, part of THE SUNSHINE SMILE
CREW to adopt a pig. Yes you read right A PIG.

We are going to Curly Tails Pig Rescue Centre for our music to adopt a pig. That is going to cost £5 a month - FIVE times the teenage girl from yesterday or TWELVE AND A HALF TIMES the lovely man from yesterday.

That pig, once adopted and we know his/her name, will become central to our music. 

We will share the news of our piggie with all the good causes we support, share the news to make people smile and be happy. I hope within our support for Ronald McDonald House where LOVE is shown for families with a child sick in hospital our piggy will help to make people smile and be happy.

There will be those who will scoff at £5 a month - five times the girl with the vinyl - the twelve and a half times the man with his 20p. Some will think writing a cheque for one thousand pounds is better. NO IT IS NOT.

Yesterday my day started at 5am, I finally sat down to eat and watch a bit of TV at 7pm - 14 hours.  Today I was in the studio at 3am, I have a full day and a meeting this evening which will end at 7pm - 16 hours.


NO - sitting at home and writing a cheque for a thousand pound is not - even if I could write a cheque for one thousand pounds which I can not, as powerful as giving £5 a month then wrapping the pig in love to share love in our music.

The Food Bank is one of the good causes we support. We encourage people to wrap their gifts in love, not just to throw a tin of beans into a collecting trolley.


A cheque for one thousand pounds is not worth a can of beans given in genuine LOVE.

Within my busy day today I have two jobs to do.

You could think that I am too busy to do either - no matter how busy I am these two jobs will happen.

I will be e-mailing Joe - The CEO of our hospital, e-mailing him to thank staff on two wards I was in over the week-end for their love and care shown to patients.  I know that as soon as Joe receives my e-mail he will personally pass my thanks, amplified by his love, to those two wards. He will NOT be too busy to dismiss the e-mail.

The next job is to write an article for a match-day programme at Sheffield Wednesday FC.  I know the moment I have done it club director Trevor will get in contact and thank me.  He will not be too busy to say THANK YOU.

I am not a religious person but when LightForce International director George Ridley appeared on one of my radio shows we played this.

True ?

I was too busy to spend time with the Prime Minister on Saturday - FAR TOO BUSY - but I am NOT too busy to spend time with a piggie today.

4.43am - I am approaching the time to publish today's blog -
96 minutes - ONE HOUR THIRTY SIX MINUTES since I started writing.  

How many people will read today's blog ?   

50 ?  

Perhaps. Surely I am too busy to spend that time writing a page for just 50 people to read.

The day I am TOO BUSY to write a blog for 50 people to read - the day I am TOO BUSY to spend time with a piggie - the day I am TOO BUSY to talk to people spending £1 or 40p on a car boot sale is the day I am TOO BUSY to PLAY MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND TO INSPIRE LOVE FOR GOOD CAUSES.

Now go out and play your music today BUT PLAY IT WITH LOVE for without love it will be seriously out of tune.

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