Saturday, 2 March 2019

Was it worth it ?

Was is worth it ?

£20.08p !  Is that all we made ?

YES that was all we made and YES it WAS worth it. WELL WORTH IT.

At the Saturday Irish Centre Car Boot Sales I am known as "The Vinyl Man". Yesterday was the first time I had been there since the end of November. I had a treat yesterday - I got to lay in bed until 4.30am instead of my day normally starting at 2.30am ! At the boot sale I had so many people come up to talk to me about music. One or two even spent a few pennies with me !

I actually do have that on original 7" vinyl, it was the very first track I played when I joined Radio CRMK. Tomorrow's show
will be my 93rd.

Meet Diddy and Wilf. The first track on tomorrow's show will be for Diddy and Wilf.

All of the music played on tomorrow's show will be for 7 year old EMMA in Wisconsin USA.  Emma is terminally ill. She loves dogs. Her family is asking for people to send her pictures of dogs to help cheer her up. Have you sent her a picture of your best friend ?

Send her an e-mail:

Do tune in - 6am to 8am MONDAY 4th March. with the PODCAST being published round about 9.30am

I am flattered by my audience figures over the past week but I would be happier if they were to double this week.

Meet David Maxwell-Robinson.

David is the central character in my latest book. At the point I am now writing he is working for Golden Gate Radio. One of the shows he has to present is all about country music. David likes country music but does not understand it.

A bit like me !

an attempt to educate both Golden Gate DJ David and Yours Truly - The Geriatric DJ on CRMK.

Tune in Tuesday 6am to 8am and enjoy the music. 

That brings us to Wednesday and LET'S INSPIRE.

Wednesday's show is all about the 24 hour sponsored football match happening at the week-end for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

I will be there, not playing football but mugging people for their change to have a photograph taken with the Premier League Trophy.

The £20.08p raised at yesterday's car boot sale will be used towards this event.

CLICK HERE to check out what is happening.

Go on.....

Something from Wednesday's show, something for those having their photograph taken with the trophy.

That brings us to Thursday and my show WAKE UP WITH

I have something special for you this week.  Jeff Wayn'e War Of The World.

I promise you this will be a special show.

That then brings us to FRIDAY and Pick Of The Pops. This will be my 97th show on Radio CRMK.

This week my time machine will be travelling back to 8th March 1970. There was some fantastic music in the charts back then. Join me and I will take you through the Top Thirty.

That should be my schedule for the week.....

Five shows and ten hours of music to share with listeners round the world but this week is going to be different.......

I will be at the marathon football from around 11am on Saturday to 5pm on Sunday.  I'll then grab a bit of sleep before heading off to Newport Pagnell and the home of the world's number on internet radio station.

From 11pm Sunday to 1pm on Monday we are going to have a RADIO DISCO PARTY.

Please do not think that my backside will be fixed to that comfortable DJ's chair for the 14 hours of the DISCO PARTY...

No way !

I will be dancing all over the studio.

So that's this week's music....


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