Wednesday, 6 March 2019

My Sheffield Wednesday Scarf

There is, of course, only one football club to support - SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY.

If somewhere in life's pattern you ended up supporting a different team you have my sympathy but I would ask you to get your football scarf, no matter which club you support,  ready for something very special this week-end.

3.39am Thursday 7th March and here I am in the studio of Radio CRMK doing some work ahead of  broadcasting  today 's show - 6am to 8am. Before then let's write today's blog page.

I never broadcast without my Sheffield Wednesday scarf. Today's show will be number 96 since I joined the station at the end of August last year. Tomorrow will be show 97 - OBVIOUSLY. Then from 11pm on Sunday 10th to 1pm Monday 11th March I will bring you SHOW number 98 - A RADIO DISCO.

My Sheffield Wednesday scarf has been to some iconic places with some special dates in the diary for the days ahead.

Before that overnight RADIO DISCO PARTY  I will be at a 24 hour football game being organised in support of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter which cares for our 
homeless and rough sleeping friends.

Everything kicks off at 12noon and goes on for - OBVIOUSLY - 24 Hours.  I plan to be there for 11am on Saturday and expect to leave shortly after 4pm on Sunday.

I have been given an amazing honour at the game, I keep pinching myself to make certain I am not dreaming.

On Sunday from 10am to 2pm I am looking after The Barclays Premier League Trophy. Oh yes I am !
I will be there representing RADIO CRMK. Come and have a selfie with the trophy. Bring your football scarf and have a selfie taken with the trophy.

I will be rattling a bucket and I help the organisers reach their target of £10,000 for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter,

Josh, The Eternal Teenager, joined me for yesterday's show to welcome the 24 hour football organiser DAMON into the studio and talk about all that is happening on Saturday - have a listen to the PODCAST. It was one crazy show. GREAT MUSIC and lots of SILLYNESS - as Josh put it LOONY TUNES.

That's exactly how I plan the post match RADIO DISCO to be.

All being well I will grab a bit of sleep after the football and before I start broadcasting the RADIO DISCO but to make sure I do not fall asleep I plan to DANCE.  Sitting in the broadcast chair is banned.

You can help me...

Help stop me falling asleep ?

Come and join me at the RADIO DISCO.

You can listen to the show 11pm Sunday to 1pm Monday - 

You can send me a message on FACEBOOK.

You can send me a text during the broadcast.

GREAT !  But why don't you come into the studio and dance with me during the broadcast ?

CLICK ON RADIO DISCO - read the page then set your car's sat nav for the studio.

Make sure you bring your football scarf with you.

Come and have some fun and support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

I am trying to bank some sleep between leaving home round about 10.30am on Saturday and getting back to my bed for perhaps 2pm on Monday. Trying without a lot of success LOL.

When I do collapse into my bed it will be a warm comfortable bed in a warm comfortable home. It will not be a blanket on a hard concrete floor.

Yes, we are going to have a lot of fun...

Fun at the football...

Fun taking selfies with the Premier League Trophy....

Fun at the RADIO DISCO.

But that fun is for a serious problem we have in our city, a serious problem facing most cities.

Bring your love and help smash that £10,000 target.

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