Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Music, Stuff and Love

This is the most viewed picture EVER for Milton Keynes on Google.

Taken at our FROG CHALLENGE event in September 2017 this is Milton Keynes Mayor David Hopkins. During their year of office David and his wife Susan were an amazing source of inspiration for our city. Having taken time to rest after a packed year I invited David to join me here in the studio today to talk about his year in office and share some of his favourite tracks.

The PODCAST will be available by 10am

I am running a bit late this morning, did not get into the studio until half past three so, who knows, this may be a shorter
than usual page.  

We'll see !

The blog is creeping towards 90k - I wonder how long before we get there.

Can I thank everyone who this week have given us STUFF to sell at Saturday and Sunday's car boot sales. 

The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation is still saying the weather for the week-end is OK so on Saturday we will be at Milton Keynes Irish Centre then on Sunday we will be at Milton Keynes Bowl.

The money we make will pay for fuel so Lisa and I can attend
a meeting at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham to chat about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY and to sponsor our now adopted pig - ALFIE.

The Geriatric DJ and The Sunshine Smile Crew playing music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire LOVE for good causes.

So there's the MUSIC.............
So there's the STUFF..........
Yesterday my day started at 2.30am - I managed to sit down,
eat my tea and fall asleep in front of the TV at 5.30pm. 
My day was filled with LOVE.

Part of the day, part of the love was visiting Jelena aka Mrs Josh who is in hospital.

As I sat down to watch the TV my phone bleeped with a message from Mr Josh !  David m8! You know you love us - can you help me by making sure you relax this evening.  OH, and can you make sure you put this date into your diary.............................. !!!!!!!!!

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