Sunday, 3 March 2019

Help Me Make It Through The Night

Monday 4th March 2019 - 3.10am...

The studio is set up for the day and my show Monday Morning Music Mega Mix to hit the world at 6am.

FAST FORWARD to this time next week and I will be just over four hours into my Radio Disco - four hours with another ten to go. Broadcasting from 11pm Sunday 10th March to 1pm Monday 11th March - www, 

Ahead of this live broadcast I will have been at the twenty-four hour football marathon being held for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Am I crazy ?  Well yes, everyone knows that don't they !

Will I fall asleep on the job ?  NO WAY -  NO FLIPPIN' WAY !

I have a plan. A plan which needs your help.

There is not a single slow dance at all in my disco. It will be hard to fall asleep while the playlist is running.

I do not intend to sit with my rear end glued to the broadcast chair - OK will take a bit of a rest but for most of the party I plan to dance.

I will have plenty to sustain me across those fourteen hours  including my world-famous Marmite and lettuce sandwiches.  YUMMY - got some ready for this morning's show.

For part of the show I plan to be dressed in 1970's style complete with my curly wig, flare trousers and silver stacked heel shoes.

And for part of the show I will be a hippie !

I plan to issue an invitation to our local police to come and arrest me if I am not dancing.

But what will really HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT is your joining me at the party.

You can send me a message through THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW Facebook Page. Are you a member of the music fan club ?  JOIN NOW.

You can send me a text.


You can come into the studio to say HELLO and dance with me.

CLICK HERE to visit the Radio Disco page on my website, get directions to the studio and just TURN UP.

The disco tuck shop is set up and ready in the studio - ready for visitors to munch on.  Munch on in return for a donation to top up the sponsorship at the 24 hour football marathon.

At the marathon I will be there mugging, I mean INVITING, people to take a selfie with the Premier League Trophy. These will be solid silver buckets so I would not want you to put anything in there that could possibly scratch !  Follow my meaning ?

I will be inviting those taking selfies to enjoy the Radio Disco - not only to listen to the broadcast but to pop by and say HI.

Every track played at the disco will be dedicated to a supporter of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter and the 24 hour football marathon.

For my fellow DJ's on CRMK I have something special. 

There are ELEVEN spot prizes ready and waiting. I have all of the shows in CRMK's schedule in a lucky draw and will be pulling out winners at random times during the party.

There are some great items there including an autographed DVD and two photographs given by Eddie The Eagle and a painting produced by a homeless rough-sleeping young lady. There is a copy of the very first book I ever had published - Peter's Magic Fountain Pen.

If you are reading today's blog page then the INVITATION to the RADIO DISCO is for you.

Come and help me make it through the night.

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