Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Has anyone seen my marbles ?

Has anyone seen my marbles ?  Sorry to say I have lost them !

I thought I had manager to recover from two nights without sleep - Saturday at the 24 hour football and Sunday broadcasting the Radio Disco but somewhere along the way I appear to have lost my marbles.

I left home at 2am today so I could pre-record next Monday's show as I am not going to be around first thing.  It is now 4,54am and I am ready to broadcast my Wednesday show. This I have been telling everyone is my 100th show here on Radio CRMK.  Problem is that was yesterday - today is show number 101 !

My dear friend Josh calls me a NUTTER.  I think I am a marbleless NUTTER.  Marbleless ?  Is there such a word.

Once I have broadcast today's show I will have completed 127.5 hours broadcasting.

I croaked my way through the earlier pre-record so guess I'll be coraking my way through the next two hours.  Perhaps those marbles are suck in my throat and that is why I keep croaking !

What I am doing here on today's blog is to share some photographs from Saturday/Sunday's football and some tracks from the show I will be broadcasting at 6am.

I took over three hundred pictures at the football, by then end of next week I will put them all onto a website page to celebrate the result and to generate more support for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

So what news have I got to share ?

The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation says it is going to rain all day on Saturday - rain hard. It then claims there will be a heatwave on Sunday.

I will, therefore, go to Milton Keynes Bowl and do a charity car boot sale.  I know some friends have bits and pieces for me to sell so please drop them round as and when you are ready.

These car boot sales do a little bit towards covering costs of playing the music - PLAYING MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND TO INSPIRE LOVE FOR GOOD CAUSES.

One of the things we are going to spend our money on is to adopt a pic at CURLYTAILS PIG RESCUE.  The plan is to choose our piggy next week. Once we have done that our piggie will be not just The Sunshine Smile Crew's piggy but be a friend to all good causes we seek to support.

When the football marathon is held next year can our piggie please play ? YES, there should now be a paragraph change but the thick idiot geeks at Google Blogger can not format a page properly so apologies for that.
I may have lost my marbles but Google Geeks never had any in the first place !

Monday is the AGM Conference of Milton Keynes Food Bank. I will be there. Our music has set up two collection points, one at West Bletchley Community Centre and one here at RADIO CRMK.

It was that track that first brought me to Radio CRMK - I was a guest on a show when Shearings Holidays names one of its coaches COACH REBEKAH after Rebekah.

It will always be a special track for me.

This next track shows why Josh calls me a NUTTER and YES I will be playing it on the show.


I guess I had better bring this page to an end then get on and broadcast my 101st show which MINUS my marbles I will blag to the audience as Show ONE HUNDRED.

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