Wednesday, 27 March 2019

A Friendly Addiction v an UNFRIENDLY Brexit

Both The Geriatric DJ and The Eternal Teenager have an addiction.....

An addiction to GREGGS.

I am addicted to Gregg's Bread Pudding while Josh is addicted to their Belgian Buns !

Greggs have given us a voucher as a raffle prize for Sunshine Smile Day.


While I am writing today's page I am listening to the PODCAST of my show broadcast on 7th March - WAR OF THE WORLDS,

3.21am - the studio is set up for the day. At 6am I will be broadcasting my Thursday Show - Wake Up With The Classics.

Do join me:

Today's show features The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with another edition of WHERE CLASSICAL MUSIC MEETS ROCK AND ROLL.

I briefly paused War Of The Worlds to listen to BBC News. Once I have finished writing today's page I will be working on next week's shows.  I have already written Monday's show - Monday Morning Music Mega Mix. I am going to rip that up and start again. On Monday I will be broadcasting a BREXIT SPECIAL.

Monday is, of course, 1st April. Right now there are no bigger fools anywhere in the world than those brainless, anti-democratic, pathetic apologies for human beings who work in Britain's House Of Commons.

Wednesday's show next week will introduce PIGGIE ALFIE to listeners.

One week today I am going to play a selection of classical music from my YouTube Channel.

Let me share something with you.............

Back to MONDAY. 

Once I have broadcast BREXIT SPECIAL Lisa and I will be driving up to Birmingham to meet with Ronald McDonald House Manager Libby. We will be chatting over SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

The fools who can not get themselves elected to parliament spend time coning off vast areas of our road network, not dping any work within the coned areas but simply causing traffic chaos. There are major road "works" on the M1 so fingers crossed for a good journey.

I have an idea !

Let's take all of our IDIOT politicians to Greggs. Let's buy them each a Belgian Bun and a slice of Bread Pudding !  I am sure such delicacy would bring a little sanity into their failing minds.

The plan is to spend the money from this week-end's boot sales on the fuel to go to Birmingham, sponsoring Piggie Alfie and printing ink to make posters advertising SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Perhaps we should spend the money taking our sad, pathetic members of parliament to Greggs.

Yeh - that may work but I think I have a better idea. Hey this is a BRILLIANT IDEA.


Alfie.... next time we come to visit you we will bring you a Belgian Bun or would you prefer a slice of Bread Pudding ?

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