Friday, 1 March 2019


5am and it's not raining.... threatening to but not raining at the moment.

Weather forecast on the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation website says it will be OK - that could mean we are in for a violent thunderstorm but the car is packed and ready to head to Milton Keynes Irish Centre for a boot sale.

PLEASE come by and say HI !  Wouldn't mind a bit of help as well !

Monday Morning Music Mega Mix is being dedicated throughout the two hours to 7 year old Emma in Wisconsin USA. She is terminally ill. Emma loves dogs. To help cheer her up would you send a picture of your doggie and a message of love ? 


PLEASE tell me your doggie's name so he can be linked to one of the tracks on Monday.

e-mail me: or hit me up on FACEBOOK

Short blog !  Time for a bit of breakfast then off to the boot sale. SEE YOU THERE !

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