Sunday, 31 March 2019

Rebekah's SMILE

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is happening on 19th May at Milton Keynes Irish Centre - just SEVEN weeks to go.

Sunshine Smile Day celebrates Rebekah's smile, two years since she left us.

Let's take a moment to see just how much Rebekah's smile has inspired people over the past two years.

£4,199 has been given to Ronald McDonald House Charities to help care for families who have a child sick in hospital.

Our work now focuses on Ronald McDonald House Birmingham. On Monday David and Lisa, who is organising Sunshine Smile day 2019 will be driving to Birmingham for a meeting with House Manager Libby.

Secret Santa 2017 sent gifts of love to Ronald McDonald for families with a child sick in Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital. Gifts were sent again in 2018 along with gifts to the childrens ward in Milton Keynes Hospital.

On Christmas Morning 2018 Josh and Jelena joined David in the studio of Radio CRMK to broadcast a show of love for families staying in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

Throughout Advent 2017 and 2018 we published a YouTube music Advent Calendar.

Beck's smile and our music held a Rock and Roll party at Bletchley Bandstand as a warm up for the town's Christmas Lights Switch on.

We promoted the National Trust's Carols In The Courtyard at Stow both on YouTube and on the radio.

Shearings Holidays named one of their coaches after Rebekah - COACH REBEKAH. The company sent out a press relase which was picked up by international internet radio station CRMK which invited David to appear on a programme to tell everyone about this loving gesture.

This brought David to present a weekly show on the radio. That quickly developed to five shows - every morning Monday to Friday 6am to 8am

With the support of Radio CRMK and the love from our music fan club THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW  David aka The Geriatric DJ has now presented 112 shows including two overnight radio parties. A total of two hundred and seventy nine hours and thirty minutes live broadcasting. That's about 4,000 music tracks. His first show was broadcast seven months ago on 29th August 2018.

In that video clip The Geriatric DJ speaks about The Mini Libs.  Here are the Mini Libs.

The Mini Libs are the children of one of David's former 
students Joe.  This video was produced to support a cause very close to our music's heart - The Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter and the plight of our homeless and rough-sleeping friends.

In January 2018 our music rescued a young couple from rough-sleeping. Josh and Jelena have been central to our music ever since. Josh is a part of Radio CRMK and co-presents with David on an occasional basis.

Josh and Jelena found Ben thrown out with the rubbish bins, rescued him them made this teddy bear our music's mascot.

A note is never played without Ben being there.

Over the past two years we have taken our music and Rebekah's smile to some iconic places.

YES, we played music and smiled at Hillsborough Stadium, home of Sheffield Wednesday FC.

We took smiles to San Francisco for a sponsored walk across The Golden Gate Bridge in support of Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

David grew his hair and
posed on Hippie Mount in Golden Gate Park.

Returning to England on Sunshine Smile Day 2018 David had his hair cut by Milton Keynes Mayor Martin Petchey.

Mayor Petchey joined the music for an overnight New Year celebration. That New Year overnight radio party was to celebrate our toilet.

YES, our toilet.  Fellow presenters at CRMK got behind the music to provide not
one but TWO families in Uganda who did not have this basic sanitation a toilet in their home.

No doubt Rebekah's smile is very wide as she reads this part of the report.

We have funded our work NOT by dipping into the support generated by our music for the good causes but by attending car boot sales at Milton Keynes Irish Centre and Milton Keynes Bowl.

The very first event organised as a FROG CHALLENGE.

That event was incredibly well supported including Mayor David and Mayoress Susan.

The picture below is the most viewed EVER photograph from Milton Keynes on Google.

Many of us took part in The Big Fun Run to support Ronald McDonald House Charities.

We were proud to support a great team of people who organised a 24 hour football match and raised way over £12,000 for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Following the game we broadcast an overnight disco party. Eddie The Eagle helped us with the overnight radio disco. What a fantastic man he is.

We were there when West Bletchley Community Centre celebrated it's 50th anniversary. We did not play the music at that event but were there to take photographs and promote the smiles.

We also provided the music at Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th birthday party.

We took CDs and DVDs from our car boot sales and gave them as gifts of love to patients attending a rehabilitation clinic.

We have used our music to show love to our wonderful National Health Service, to organ and blood donations.

We have used music to support breast cancer patients.

Our music has set up two small collection points for Milton Keynes Food Bank.

At the end of radio show David reads a poem inviting people to smile. It ends with the words..........


Our music hosted a Leon School Reunion - David was Head of Year
At Leon School. Although it is more than twenty years since he retired so many LEONITES are involved in our music.

When we heard of a little girl in Wisconsin USA who was terminally ill, he family had asked for people to e-mail pictures of their dogs - she loves doggies - we played music and encouraged hundreds of people to send their doggie love to this little girl

The Max Robinson book The Bridge House was finished and published with royalties donated to Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.
With the publication of this page our daily blog has reached 784 editions with 89,585 readers.

David was nominated in two categories for the 2018 Milton Keynes Inspirational awards.  

To quote Freddie Mercury in the film Bohemian Rhapsody: I am NOT the leader of Queen, I am the lead singer - We are FAMILY.

David, The Geriatric DJ, is not the leader - Rebekah's smile is the leader and everyone involved in our music is FAMILY.

We play music top make people smile and be happy, to inspire love for good causes.

We have a music fan club THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW.

Our music has now put a loving smile on ALFIE at Curly Tails Pig Rescue Centre.

Alfie is now a part of our team, a part of our music and a part of our loving smile.

Sunshine Smile Day 2018 was a fantastic success. We now look forward to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019 and invite you
to get involved.

We are very, very proud of all Rebekah's smile has achieved over the past two years.

Sunshine Smile Day on 19th May 2019 will widen the smile. We invite you to come and be a part of the love.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Andante Andante - PLEASE

At 6am I will be broadcasting PICK OF THE POPS - 6am to 8am.

Do try to listen:

The PODCAST will be available round about 9.30am.

In March 1968 I was 17 years old, working as a management trainee in a large Birmingham department store and living my life at one hundred miles an hour.

This was number thirteen on 29th March 1968

If you have £1.99 to squander you can read about that time in my life - CLICK HERE

I was going to take on the retail world and become its mega star.

Harold Wilson was prime minister. History, I guess, has recorded him as a "good" prime minister - certainly a zillion times better than the present incumbent. Perhaps his greatest achievement was to keep Britain out of the Vietnam War.

THE STORY OF  TEENAGE ENTREPRENEUR (FAILED) - Why failed ?  Failed because a year later I gave up a career in business to enter education. I became a teacher - yes at the age of 18 I was unqualified but in charge of PE and games at a boys preparatory school. When the headmaster found of my love of music he put me in charge of that as well.

29th March 2019 - I still think of myself as being 17 years of age and still live life at one hundred miles an hour. 

If I am totally honest right now I am totally knackered, 3.54am - I've been in the studio now for an hour. Physically and mentally drained. This song has not been in one of my playlists for a few months - perhaps it should return !

ANDANTE - ANDANTE, for the musically ignorant that
means SLOWLY - SLOWLY. I don't think so. That's not really me is it ?

March 2019 - I am 68 years old and racing towards being 69. 

HELL !  This time next year I will be racing at one hundred miles an hour towards my 70th birthday.

Why do I live my life like this ?  Why don't I slow down.  I am tired - I am knackered.


4.05am.  In two hours I will be playing the opening track - number 30 in the UK charts for 29th March 1968. Here it is...

Have no fear once the music starts I will be BUZZING - the last thing I will be is tired - knackered.

In the recent RADIO DISCO I played music for 14 hours without a single slow dance.

Andante - Andante ?  It's a nice song but it aint me.


I will be at the Irish Centre from about 5.30am to around 11.30am with our car boot sale stall. Then I will be at MK Bowl on Sunday selling everything left over from Saturday.

In 1982 Queen played at Milton Keynes Bowl.

If you have nothing better to do over the week-end drop by and say HI !

Freddie, bless him, appears in one of my books - THE GREAT PRETENDER.

Freddie and I are different people but could you imagine Freddie Mercury living his life ANDANTE - ANDANTE ?

We need to make £75 across the two car boot sales. Money to cover fuel costs for Lisa and myself to travel to Birmingham on Monday for a meeting at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham to talk about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY - money for the coming month's sponsorship of Piggie Alfie and £30 to but some more
printing ink.

There are roadworks on the M1 - "works" is an exaggeration !  Lots of cones and 50mph speed limits but very little sign of anybody doing any work !  I guess our journey to Birmingham may be a bit ANDANTE - ANDANTE,

Right now I am listening to the podcast from Tuesday's show - JOIN ME.

Simon and Garfunkel are a bit ANDANTE - ANDANTE...

Here's a track from the podcast.

When we went to Curly Tails last week to meet and adopt ALFIE the lady who runs the rescue centre said two things to me:

CURLY TAILS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL CHARITY - I had not heard that expression before but it so perfectly fits in with my own philosophy. Charities with chains of shops, paying for expensive media advertising do not fit in with what I think of as a GOOD CAUSE. She also said YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SOLVE ALL OF THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS BUT THAT DOES NOT STOP YOU TRYING.

One thing for certain is you will not solve anything doing it ANDANTE - ANDANTE.

Next week Tuesday's show - MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION will feature two hours of country music.

Monday's show will be a BREXIT SPECIAL. Please note the date.

I will be playing tracks for various members of parliament.

Let me play something now for Dianne Abbott.

For the prime minister - will she still be prime minister on Monday ?

The very first YouTube video I ever posted was dedicated to The Urban Scruffbag aka Jeremy Corbyn so this is in Monday's playlist.

4.45am and I've been writing since - when was it ? 3.30am I think.


Wednesday, 27 March 2019

A Friendly Addiction v an UNFRIENDLY Brexit

Both The Geriatric DJ and The Eternal Teenager have an addiction.....

An addiction to GREGGS.

I am addicted to Gregg's Bread Pudding while Josh is addicted to their Belgian Buns !

Greggs have given us a voucher as a raffle prize for Sunshine Smile Day.


While I am writing today's page I am listening to the PODCAST of my show broadcast on 7th March - WAR OF THE WORLDS,

3.21am - the studio is set up for the day. At 6am I will be broadcasting my Thursday Show - Wake Up With The Classics.

Do join me:

Today's show features The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with another edition of WHERE CLASSICAL MUSIC MEETS ROCK AND ROLL.

I briefly paused War Of The Worlds to listen to BBC News. Once I have finished writing today's page I will be working on next week's shows.  I have already written Monday's show - Monday Morning Music Mega Mix. I am going to rip that up and start again. On Monday I will be broadcasting a BREXIT SPECIAL.

Monday is, of course, 1st April. Right now there are no bigger fools anywhere in the world than those brainless, anti-democratic, pathetic apologies for human beings who work in Britain's House Of Commons.

Wednesday's show next week will introduce PIGGIE ALFIE to listeners.

One week today I am going to play a selection of classical music from my YouTube Channel.

Let me share something with you.............

Back to MONDAY. 

Once I have broadcast BREXIT SPECIAL Lisa and I will be driving up to Birmingham to meet with Ronald McDonald House Manager Libby. We will be chatting over SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

The fools who can not get themselves elected to parliament spend time coning off vast areas of our road network, not dping any work within the coned areas but simply causing traffic chaos. There are major road "works" on the M1 so fingers crossed for a good journey.

I have an idea !

Let's take all of our IDIOT politicians to Greggs. Let's buy them each a Belgian Bun and a slice of Bread Pudding !  I am sure such delicacy would bring a little sanity into their failing minds.

The plan is to spend the money from this week-end's boot sales on the fuel to go to Birmingham, sponsoring Piggie Alfie and printing ink to make posters advertising SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

Perhaps we should spend the money taking our sad, pathetic members of parliament to Greggs.

Yeh - that may work but I think I have a better idea. Hey this is a BRILLIANT IDEA.


Alfie.... next time we come to visit you we will bring you a Belgian Bun or would you prefer a slice of Bread Pudding ?