Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Welcome to a world of LOVE

Today is The International Day of Love - Saint Valentine's Day. 

I want both here on today's blog and on the radio show I will broadcast in a little while to share love.  It's 3.28am, the music goes live at 6am. I am going to broadcast a show, two hours of love songs as I say WELCOME TO A WORLD OF LOVE. That love is represented in BEN, the teddy bear The Eternal Teenager and Yours Truly - The Geriatric DJ are holding.

I walked into the studio at Stupid O'clock this morning. I am always nervous as I unlock the door, nervous that I will forget the alarm code and wake up the entire neighbourhood.  The bleeping stopped, I was safe so turned on the lights.  I was met with the the sight of gifts left by presenters on the table for The Food Bank. Gifts of LOVE, love you will not find any supermarket capable of selling this Valentine's Day.

Did you catch my show yesterday ?

If you did not please CLICK HERE and listen to the podcast. That was the 80th show I have broadcast here on Radio CRMK - a total of 172.5 hours. 

Yesterday's show was all about love - Love FOR our National Health Service and for the LOVE those who work in this amazing organisation show for those they have in their care.

Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting at Milton Keynes Hospital with Vanessa who heads the hospital's charity arm and Jean representing a major corporate donor to that charity.

Let me zoom in a bit on that picture above.

Here are Josh aka The Eternal Teenager and Jelena aka Mrs Josh delivering gifts of love from SECRET SANTA to children who were in hospital over Christmas last year.

Here's another picture - taken at 7am on Christmas Day. The Geriatric DJ playing the music and The Eternal Teenager broadcasting dedications for families with a child sick in hospital over Christmas.


Is that not the most powerful word in any language ?

Perhaps, but action behind the word makes it the most powerful force in the universe.

When you listened to that song by Roy Orbison did you take note of the opening title ?


Forty and a bit years ago that was played at our wedding. 

Saint Valentine's Day is, of course, all about profits in the tills of the supermarkets but strip away that rubbish and it truly is a celebration of love you have for the most important person in your life.

This picture was taken on 23rd February 2018.

YEP, it's The Eternal Teenager.  I had been invited into the studio of a radio station - CRMK to talk about my twin passions of music and people. It was not until late August that I became a DJ on that station.

Through LOVE, the love of my friends Josh and Mrs Josh had been rescued from homelessness and rough sleeping. That happened a little before the picture and visit to the radio station, it happened on 8th February 2018.

This is the broadcast desk in the studio waiting for me to hit the world with music at 6am. Time check - right now it is 4.08am.

On the right there is a red fader, that controls the overall sound to be broadcast. Next to it the blue fader controls the music level. The white faders control the microphones. NOTE there are two fully open.

Tomorrow The Eternal Teenager will be in the studio with me
to co-present a show. On Monday 18th February Josh will officially become a DJ here at the world's number one radio station.

Monday Morning Music Mega Mix and Friday's show Pick Of The Pops will cease to be Geriatric DJ shows but with The Eternal Teenager shows will be broadcast by THE DYNAMIC DUO.

Josh has written this next song into Monday's playlist. I will let him explain it to you all on Monday.


I am wondering if the word SUPPORT should be changed to LOVE. What do you think ?

Tomorrow we will be taking these gifts of love to a medical walk in centre for patients to pick up from the freebie shelf. 

Four books, new but not of any fantastic value in money terms but each worth a million pounds in love.

This next picture was taken at my overnight New Year special show. During that show I challenged listeners  to make a New Year Resolution. Mine was to find as many strangers as possible then turn them into friends - A STRANGER IS ONLY A FRIEND YOU HAVE YET TO MEET.

I am keeping my New Year Resolution.

Eight weeks into 2019 and I have eight friends who on 31st December last year were strangers.

Here are pictures of two of them.
You know that picture of the broadcast desk I showed you earlier.....

On Monday Josh has written this song into the playlist.

When he plays it I am going to leave his microphone open. You can then hear him try to sing the word JELENA, his wife's name, into Dolly Parton singing JOLENE.

Valentine's Day, strip away the supermarket commercialisation, is about love between a man and a woman but TRUE LOVE is much wider than that.

Yesterday's show was about the LOVE you can find in our health service.

Love is about friendship.

Love is also about caring for people you do not even know.

Would you give your life in order to save the life of your
husband/ wife ?  I would, I would not hesitate, and I am sure you would be the same.

Would you give your life in order to save the life of your best friend ?  I would.

Would you give your love to save the life of a total stranger ?  Not quite so easy a question to answer.

Nobody is asking you to do any of that, nobody ever will.


Every minute, every second of every day the world is asking you to give your LOVE to your husband or wife.  It is asking you to give it to your best friend and to ALL of your friends. It is also asking you to give your LOVE to total strangers.

Those gifts of love left on the table by CRMK Radio Presenters have been left there with LOVE for total strangers.

Those books Josh and I will take on Friday to
the medical drop in centre will be read by strangers, people we will never know but that does not stop them being given in love.

On yesterday's show I talked about being a blood donor. I will never know who receives the pint of blood I donated last week, the important thing is I gave that pint of blood with love.

You know I think we should change our mission statement to: PLAYING MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND TO INSPIRE LOVE FOR GOOD CAUSES.

5.06am.  Did I really start writing this page at 3.28am - 98 minutes ago ?

To the right of the broadcast desk is my breakfast which I will munch my way through during the show. Do please listen:  This is not actually in the playlist, as well as being the greatest piece of music ever written I have played it more during my 172.5 hours of broadcasting, soon to be 174.5 hours.   I do urge you to pour your love into this world of ours, make your live a bridge of love over troubled waters for those who so need your love.

HAPPY Valentine's Day..... HAPPY International Day Of Love.

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