Friday, 15 February 2019

That Was The Week That Was

That was the week that was and this is the week that is about to be.


The elephant in the room.


Officially 1st January 2021  but with all I want to achieve, everything I have on my agenda it is going to be 32nd December 2525.

I've got a lot to share so prepare yourself for a long page today !

GERIATRIC DJ you talk too much !

Yeh I know. TOUGH !

FIRST THING - last week's shows.

I thought my ten hours on the radio went well. Please check out the PODCASTS - CLICK HERE.

From my side of the microphone I particularly enjoyed broadcasting WEDNESDAY'S show which set out to inspire love for our wonderful National Health Service. THURSDAY'S show I made International Day Of Love to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Let's have a track from each show.

Within the daily ranking of audience figures on the radio station my shows are doing OK but I would be much happier if a ZERO could be added to the right hand side of my audience totals. Please listen in next week - Monday to
Friday 6am to 8am with the PODCASTS being available from about 9.30am each day.

Monday Morning Music Mega Mix, where I carefully put together a two hour playlist of music then throw it up into the air and play the tracks in the order they land. Throwing everything up in the air right now this has just landed.

RACHEL I will be playing that on Monday for you as a dedication.

Monday this week I had a meeting with Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire and John who takes care of the media for Freemasonry In The Community.  I am looking forward to having many guests from Freemasonry in future shows.

Tuesday this week in MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION the featured album is HITS FROM THE 1960's.


On Wednesday's show I will be playing tracks from the many good causes we  have loved over the past year as we have played music in the community.

Just a year ago I fooled about in Asda supermarket wearing a bra and dancing to the music as we raised awareness for breast cancer.

I can not think of a track featuring a bra to play on Wednesday so I will select an alternative piece of underwear and play this !

YEP we had a lot of fun that day and we'll have fun on Wednesday as we remember so many times we took the music out into the community.

Wednesday last week the postman brought a letter from Michael Edwards aka EDDIE THE EAGLE. He is supporting our RADIO DISCO with some gifts to use as spot prizes. Got to start promoting that disco during the coming week.

Following last Wednesday's show LOVING OUR NHS I met with Vanessa who is in charge of the charity arm at Milton Keynes Hospital and Jean representing a major corporate sponsor for the charity to talk over all kind of plans for 2019. WATCH THIS SPACE.

Moving on to Thursday's show - WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS, I have taken tracks from the past twenty shows to make a bit of a compilation rather than this week have a featured composer.

Something very special happened to me on Thursday this week but before I tell you about that let's have a track from this Thursday's playlist.

Shopping in Morrisons Supermarket last Thursday afternoon I bumped into Darren. Darren is a LEONITE - a Leonite is
one of my former students from when I was Head of Year at Leon School.  Darren I will not tell people you are
approaching your 50th birthday but I will tell them you were 17 years old last time we met.  Darren I am determined I am going to get you involved in our music.

Yesterday in PICK OF THE POPS our time machine traveled back to 15th February 1980. There was some good music in the charts then so let's have a track shall we.

That was FUN. Number three in the charts on 15th February 1980. This coming Friday the time machine is going back to 22nd February 1963 - WOW there was some amazing music in the charts back then. How about this ?

Yesterday I had a chat with Liz, the lady who co-ordinates community groups in the area. We chatted about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY to see how we can invite friends to take part in the day. You do have the date in your diary don't you.

My laptop is terminally ill. I thought yesterday it was going to kick the bucket but I have managed to persuade the Geek of Death to hang on for a while.

I have to find the pennies from somewhere to buy a new laptop.

That was very much in mind yesterday. ALSO in mind was
the fact that I have stopped writing.

As well as being The Geriatric DJ I am also the author Max Robinson. Currently I have twelve books available on Amazon and have been working on my latest novel FANTASIES OF A GERIATRIC DJ. However, I have not been writing for several weeks.  Yesterday that changed and with it developed a plan to find the cash for a new laptop.

The Fantasies Of A Geriatric DJ is a journey through music from the Rock and Roll years to the present day. Here's something from the early part of the book.

Having tragically lost his love,  our central character has left being a DJ on a pirate radio station to join Radio Golden Gate in San Francisco, poised for
1967 and The Summer of Love.

I promise that I will write a few hundred words each day until this novel is finished.

Let's have a track from that summer of love.

When I have finished writing this book I want to return to THE CASE FILES OF DAVE McDERMOTT where I have two more investigations for the hero to take on.

Amazon is always having a go at me saying I do not promote my writing enough. People can become millionaires writing on Amazon, I am not particularly worried about becoming a millionaire but I wouldn't mine making a couple of hundred quid to buy a new laptop.


Starting immediately I am going to have a BOOK OF THE WEEK. For the coming week it is THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DI CENTRAL EATING.  Go on, splash out 99p on a Kindle version and help me buy that laptop. Once Amazon has nicked its share I will need about 500 sales to get a laptop.

Di Central Eating is not so much a novel for children although it would appeal to an age bracket of 10 to 15 (ish), it is more aimed at an adult audience as an adult's view on a child's life.

That's me on the left, a picture taken at the time in which Di Central Eating is set. While fiction every adventure of Di is loosely based on my own childhood.

Of course there is music in the story !

Di Central EATING - NOT heating.  Di has lost his baby teeth and can only eat using teeth at the centre of his mouth.

That song features in the chapter ROCK AND ROLL SUPERSTAR.

Well there you go. THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS - not a bad week.

THIS IS THE WEEK THAT WILL BE - an amazing week so watch out !

To conclude a track from my TEENAGE AUTOBIOGRAPHY. That's an expensive book by the way... it will cost you £1.99 for a Kindle copy.

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