Friday, 1 February 2019

ONLY positive people are allowed to read today's blog

Where to begin ?

I don't do negative....
I don't do pathetic ...
I have no time for failure....
I am not a wimp !
The ONLY way is SUCCESS...
 Yesterday was SUCCESS with a Capital S.
But where to start ?

Did you catch yesterday's show ?  The PODCAST is available - CLICK HERE.

It wasn't the easiest drive, the twelve miles from home to the studio yesterday. The Jag is off the road for repair so I was obliged to drive through the virgin snow in the little blue box with the lawnmower engine - aka the "spare" car. But I am not a wimp so made it without too much trouble.

Here's a track from yesterday's show.

That was actually number one on 1st February 1968, the day my time machine for the show had gone back to.

Throughout the show I kept joking that I had managed to ski to the studio better than Eddie The Eagle could have done.

Back home I was working on the playlist for the Winter Night Shelter Radio Disco. While I worked e-mails kept popping in. I would deal with them once I had finished the playlist.

Who the hell was Michael Edwards ?  I don't know a Michael Edwards. I could see the message began Hi David.....

Something from that playlist I was working on.

I had my headphones on while I worked, Maureen was sitting next to me watching some rubbish on TV. She jumped out of her skin when I shouted out OH MY GOD !


EDDIE THE EAGLE does not do negative....
EDDIE THE EAGLE does not do pathetic ...
EDDIE THE EAGLE has no time for failure....
EDDIE THE EAGLE is not a wimp !

Let's have another track from the playlist for the Radio Disco.

Have you seen the 2016 film EDDIE THE EAGLE ?  Eddie is
going to autograph a DVD of the film for me to use as a pot prize in the radio disco.

Support the Radio Disco and you may be in with a chance of winning this amazing spot prize.

While I was broadcasting an e-mail popped into my laptop. It was from JOHN, director of The Food Bank, saying he hoped the snow had not prevented me from making it to the studio.

John. why weren't you listening ?

I replied to say I was live. John e-mailed back but modesty prevents me from adding his reply.

Here's a lady who did not do negative, who most certainly was not pathetic, who had no time for failure, was not a wimp and only knew success.

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, born 4th August 1900 and left us on 30th March 2002 aged 101 years !

One of the e-mails I received yesterday was bringing together plans for a guest on a show, a guest who was a medical consultant to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Her Majesty certainly knew the songs in that mix. Graham played it the disco I went to be a fly-on-the-wall at but I would
have been useless standing around doing nothing - I DANCED.

I've played it on the radio a few times since and YES it is in the playlist for the Radio Disco.

Disco = 1970's.

That was from the 1940's.

Well it's DISCO isn't it.

Graham also played this at the disco.

When Graham was my guest in the studio last week and we played that I explained how at the end of The Lambeth Walk nobody but nobody shouted Oi louder than Her Majesty and her husband King George.

I'm not sure they actually kicked their legs high into the air though.

I wonder how they would have got on dancing to this from the Radio Disco playlist.

Did you catch my show on Wednesday ? CLICK HERE for the podcast.

Look again at the e-mails waiting for my attention.

See one there fro The Royal Opera House Covent Garden.  I have actually read it but have marked it unread as I have yet to reply.

It is thanking me for thanking the cast for their spectacular performance which I was privileged to watch and around which I based Wednesday's show. Not in the Radio Disco playlist but I'd better play something from that performance of La Traviata.

It took Verdi only eight weeks to write the opera La Traviata which is by far the most performed opera of all time.

How many people would have the courage to write an opera where the central character is a prostitute ?

Verdi did but then Verdi did not do negative....Verdi did not do pathetic ...Verdi had no time for failure....Verdi was not a wimp ! For  Verdi the ONLY way was SUCCESS...

Guiseppi Verdi, are you going to dance at my Radio Disco ?

With an attitude to life like EDDIE THE EAGLE, like HM QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER and VERDI you  can take on the world and WIN.

Go for it !

I began today's page with the title...

ONLY positive people are allowed to read today's blog.

I kind of hope one or two negative friends will have read my words for today. Do me a favour, throw negativity aside and become POSITIVE.

One LAST track from the the Radio Disco then I'll shut up.

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