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Monday Morning Music Mega Mix

Monday 4th February in the fantastic year of 2019.....
Good morning by the way.....

That's how I will introduce my show at 6am - right now it's 3.55am so time to write today's blog and chill before I hit the air.

Let's play my signature tune.

Do listen....

PODCAST will be available round about 9am (ish)...

Monday IS a special day. It marks the start of the week and opens a door on all the fabulous things waiting for you during the week.

I have a crazy, busy week ahead of me but I would not have it any other way.

Hang on a minute, I need to take my jumper off.

That's better. It's hot here in the studio. Typical grotty February day outside but hot here. Jumper off and heating
turned down let's get started.

Today's Monday Morning Medical Moment will tell the world what a sad, pathetic, miserable coward I am.

On Wednesday I will be donating a pint of my blood. I do this three times a year. Yesterday I received a text from the Blood Donor Agency, it said I am a hero.


I am sad, pathetic, miserable coward. On Wednesday I will be donating my 23rd pint. That picture, left, was taken when I was a student. The Matron of my college received a badge for donating 50 pints. She invited we students to go with her to donate blood.  I wasn't having a needle stuck in my arm and blood drained off. NO WAY.

I am determined to live long enough to get my badge for donating 50 pints. Donating three times a year it will be February 2028 when I get there. If I had not been such a sad, pathetic, miserable, snivelling coward all those years ago Wednesday would be my 134th donation NOT a sad 23rd.

One year ago on Friday, I received a telephone call from Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.....

"Get your friends to the council, they can be given accommodation but be quick, do not delay !"

Those who know me know my friends Josh aka The Eternal Teenager and Jelena aka Mrs Josh. Those who know me know why I am so passionate about the plight of the homeless.

Do NOT click the picture but DO NOT MESS ABOUT - CLICK HERE and help me support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, help show some love to those who are rough-sleeping.

NO - do not help me show some love - SHOW LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS OF LOVE.

My show on Wednesday is to be given over entirely to raising awareness for The Food Bank

I play music to make people smile, to be happy and to inspire support for good causes.

If this week I can persuade one person who is currently not a blood donor to sign up the music will be a success.

If I can get one person to show love to a homeless person the music will not have been played in vain.

If I can get one person to donate one tin to The Food Bank it will be a good week,

That was Number One on 8th February 1964. On Friday my show will feature the Top Thirty from that day.

February 1964, I was just about a teenager with the whole of my life ahead of me.  February 2019 and I am the Geriatric DJ.


I have done some crazy things in my life, crazy but fun.

I need to live to be at least one hundred and ten years years of age to do all the crazy things on my agenda.

Life is a lot more fun if you are silly.

If I could have my life again would I be a hippie ?


Here I am in Hippie Park San Francisco, photo taken last April.  I was the ONLY hippie in Hippie Park !

Next week I am cancelling my Thursday show, Wake Up With The Classics.  I will be broadcasting a special show in its place - CLASSIC LOVE.

That was the wedding song just over forty years ago when I
married the love of my life.

No I do not want to become a teenager again. If I did I may not meet Maureen, without her life would not be worth anything at all.

Building a playlist for a future radio show I have been asking friends what was their most memorable song from when they were at school. This is mine.....

It was sung in the leavers assembly at school in July 1967. Once sung an arrogant teenager walked out of the gates, turned round and made a particularly rude gesture to the school then started adult life.

I hated school, hated every minute of it as my SCHOOL BOY AUTOBIOGRAPHY written under the pen  name of Max Robinson explains.

Strange that I should end up spending my working life as Head of Year In a large comprehensive school. Perhaps I would have been better working as a DJ on a pirate radio station.

I HATED school but I loved being a student. This next piece of Monday Morning Music Mega Mix was read as a poem on freshers day, it has remained with me through the decades and is central to my philosophy on life.

I play music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire support for good causes.

If this week one person becomes a blood donor, if one person shows love to a homeless and rough-sleeping friend, if one person donates one tin to the Food Bank my music will not have been played in vain.

When I was a student it was impossible to walk anywhere in the halls of residence without this next song playing from someone's room.

That is the greatest piece of music ever written. I have tried, since the day I first heard it, to live my life like a bridge over troubled water. People say to me: David you can not solve all the problems of the world on your own.  It does not stop me trying though does it ?  If we all lived our lives like bridges over troubled waters all of the problems in this beautiful world of ours would be instantly resolved.

So that's my Monday Morning Music Mega Mix.  just one thing left to say: LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE !

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