Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Love is ALL you need

Do you think time travel is possible ?

Is it fact or is it fiction ?

Many of the stories I have written have a time travel element in them.

The very first novel I ever had published, Peter's Magic Fountain Pen, was all about time travel.

Meet Mark Birkinshaw, one of the world's leading astro physicist.  I once had a very deep conversation with him as to the possibility of time travel being a reality.  He would not commit himself.

My Friday show here on Radio CRMK each week invites you to come into my own version of the Tardis and travel back in time to review the music charts from days gone by.

This week the show invites you to come back with me to 8th February 1964 when this was in the charts.

1964:  The Cold War !  The Vietnam War !

Go back a few years.

The Korean War.

World War Two.

The Depression.

World War One.

Never mind travelling back in time - how about travelling forward ?

Would someone from those times be happy with what they found in 2019 ?

Would a hippie think we have achieved Aquarius ?

Would those who fought and gave their lives in any war think we have built a better society ?


They would find a society which has abandoned EDUCATION for a school system which talks the talk but can not even take a single step when it comes to walking the walk.

They would find a society where homeless rough-sleeping is an epidemic.

They would find national and local governments all spending tax payers money to install beaches in their offices.  Beaches so the elected representatives and their officials can bury their heads in the sand.

Most of us have our own beach in our homes where we can bury our heads in the sand.  10% of the population own 90% of the wealth.  I'm in that 10% and bet you are as well.

Today we launch the studio here at CRMK as a drop off point for The Food Bank.

Wizz someone forward from the Great War, World War Two, The Hippies and their Summer of Love....

I wonder what they would make of the Food Bank.

An invitation is extended to DJ Presenters and guests who have The Food Bank close to their hearts to drop an odd tin
or packet every now and then  into the collection point. I will bring something in EVERY time I present a show.  If you know me, if you listen to my shows PLEASE give me something to bring in.

Today's show by the way will be live between 6am and 8am www.crmk.co.uk with the PODCAST being available round about 9am (ish - could be a bit later today.)

Normally I prefer for people to listen to the show live, I still hope I get a wide audience, but today I want people to take the podcast, to listen to it then to share it.  I want many,
many, many people to listen to the show.  I want  it to INSPIRE people to support The Food Bank.

How many gifts will be collected in our little studio each week ? Who knows ?  What would be far greater would be the podcast INSPIRING people to support The Food Bank all over, not just the few tins in our studio.

Be it in our studio or be it at any collection point in any supermarket anywhere collecting for The Food Bank I DO
NOT want people just to drop in the odd tin or packet - NO I WANT MORE.

Before you give - YES YOU - before you give I want you to pause and think.  Somebody, somewhere is going to receive your gift. Somebody, somewhere urgently needs it.  PLEASE make it a gift of love.  In the studio I have put some simile stickers for friends to put on their gifts, stickers to show the gift was given in love.

The Beatles were right you know - ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

If a time traveler were to come forward to the year 2019 - on
FEBRUARY 6th 2019 they would find a BROKEN, SELFISH society where millions of us have our heads buried in the sand.

Wouldn't it be better if that person from the past were to join us in 2019 and, YES, still find a messed up society but ALSO one where we were all showing love to change things ?

What was it Harry Secombe sang ?  IF I RULED THE WORLD .....

To bring this page to an end I am going to play the greatest piece of music that has ever been written.  Let me play it first then I will leave you with a thought.

If EVERYONE were to live their lives like BRIDGES OVER TROUBLED WATER any time traveler from any time in history would be proud to see what we have achieved here in the year of 2019.

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