Saturday, 2 February 2019

Stowe in the snow

I  play music to make people smile, to be happy and to inspire support for good causes.
I play music on the radio (10 hours a week), on YouTube, on my website, here on the daily blog and, most importantly, in the community.

Providing they meet my personal view as to what constitutes a good cause, the more good causes I can play my music for the better.

Yesterday Maureen, Jake and I got into the car and headed to The National Trust at Stowe near Buckingham. Hardly a week goes by when we do not visit Stowe. We both thought it would be great to see Stowe in the snow.

Once the home of The Duke of Buckingham, Stowe features right at the end of my novel THE BRIDGE HOUSE.

In the run up to Christmas I was pleased to promote Carols In The Courtyard at Stowe.

Now I have a couple of ideas to help support The National Trust Stowe with the music I play.

Stowe is an English Country Garden but to quote The National Trust - GARDENING ON A GRAND SCALE.

The Operations Manager at Stowe is a great guy and a good friend - Scott.

Scott, could I persuade you to be a GUEST ON A RADIO SHOW ?

I have an idea for a show which I will call MUSICAL STATUES. I will play a selection of music then each time the music stops you tell our listeners about a statue, temple or folly in the park.

You and I could build up the playlist from our favourite tracks.

Scott, what kind of music are you into ?

Here's something I would probably play.

It's in the playlist for my Radio Disco supporting Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Following Eddie The Eagle supporting the project with an autographed DVD as a spot prize I have a few more things to hand out to listeners.

Given that our Radio Disco is locked into the 24 hour football game supporting Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter I thought this book would be a good prize.

I have also got something from the days of Pirate Radio and in particular Radio Caroline.

How about that ?

This is the Temple Of The British Worthies at Stowe.

Dating back to 1734 it celebrates those who had contributed significantly to the British way of life.

For a couple of years I have had the idea to come up with a new temple, not  physical building but a drawing/painting of 20th century worthies. 

Who would you include ? I could then build a show around them with a suitable piece of music for each.

I would most certainly include this lady.  I am looking forward to having a guests on a show in a couple of weeks who knew Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Let's play some music for her shall we ?  Sorry, I know I have played this a lot recently but I like it. YES it is in the playlist for the Radio DiscoDo you approve Mam.

Meet MP for Buckingham and Stowe, John Bercow Speaker of The House of Commons.

In the past I have had dealings with John, he's a great guy. Why can't we take a bit of advice from Mr Speaker as to who we could feature.

I wonder what kind of music Mr Speaker is into.

Fanfare For The Common Man - that's something I have been meaning to play on the radio for some time. I actually have the original in my vinyl collection.

Pictured left is a creepy looking building within the grounds at Stowe.  It has inspired a story within me, THE LONELY GHOST. Perhaps one day I will get round to writing it.

No, it's not that kind of ghost. If I ever get round to writing the story it will be a children's book.

Maureen, Jake and I had a great afternoon at Stowe yesterday.

Scott would you be up for these ideas ?

Have a think and let me know.

Before I bring the page to an end let me whet your appetite for my shows this week. All are broadcast 6am 8am Podcasts available by 9.30am each day.

MONDAY MORNING MUSIC MEGA MIX where I carefully prepare a playlist of thirty tracks then throw them up into the air and play them in the order they land.

No matter where it lands this is in tomorrow's show.

Tuesday MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION let's have something which is not part of the featured album, this week it's Rock Around The Clock. Let's play this......

Wednesday's edition of LET'S INSPIRE is all about inspiring support for The Food Bank.

Thursday and WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS is all about The Tenors.

Friday and my time machine is going back to 8th February 1964 for PICK OF THE POPS. I am not going to tell what was at number one, you'll have to wait for the show but this was at number twenty-two.

There's a total of 176 tracks for me to play. Music to MAKE PEOPLE SMILE BE HAPPY AND INSPIRE SUPPORT FOR GOOD CAUSES.


THANK YOU to Shearings Holidays for sending Maureen and I this  picture of Coach Rebekah.

Let me end today's page by playing this for you.

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