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The studio is set up and ready. I've just got of the phone from speaking with Josh. Josh mate, you may just be going to bed - you've kept me awake half the night !

He sent me two text messages at 11.45pm last night which woke me up and left me laying awake in bed for a couple of hours running over how I could put into words on today's blog the feeling of FRUSTRATION which is surging through my veins.

I started writing a blog 15th December 2016, there have been a total of 754 pages written since then. I thought yesterday's page was important yet only 29 people checked it
out. FIVE times last year the readership topped one thousand, the highest ever was 2,698 on 3rd December 2018. Why did yesterday's page not attract the readership I feel it demanded ?  What did I do wrong ?

I do not do negativity so when negative things attack me I take it very hard.


Yesterday's blog celebrated the music our team has played in the community over the past year, music supporting good causes.

Josh and Mrs Josh were a central part of that music so I brought them into the studio yesterday to be a part of the show. We are working towards Josh co-presenting the Monday and Friday shows
on a permanent basis.

The three of us spoke the words over the outro music at the end of the show.

DAVID - We had some fun didn't we ?
JOSH - We did
JELENA - We were silly
DAVID - Our music made people smile
JOSH - Made people happy
JELENA - and inspired love for some special good causes
DAVID - That was last year
JOSH - What about this year ?
JELENA - Can we bring our music to support your good cause ?
DAVID - Come and join us
JOSH - Smile at the world
JELENA - And the world will smile back

Driving home from the studio we were chatting about tomorrow's show when the time machine will be going back to days of my youth. I said I wish I looked like I did back then, I hate being an ugly old sod !

Josh laughed and said, "I like the way you said that - you are so funny"

More than once my friend has said to me that he is worried I may be bi-polar.  I have considered it but KNOW I am not.  It's just that when you race through life at the speed of sound, trying to be everything to everyone when others can not keep up it is so frustrating. Common sense says slow down to which I reply NO WAY.

Yesterday we talked about the time we took music to a family party, helping to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary.

I have been married for forty years, Mr & Mrs Josh have been together for seven years. On the show I asked if I could play the music at their 50th anniversary party. Jelena relied, but you will be one Hundred and fifteen years old then. To which Josh replied, Don't worry, he'll be there.

I will. IO have it in my diary 5th November 2061.

So why the frustration ?

YEH - the low readership of yesterday's blog page was not good.

So many people have not answered e-mails I have sent to them. When you are trying to help a good cause and that good cause does not
communicate it is frustrating.

It is usual for me to excuse such a failing by saying the good cause at fault is too busy actually doing what they need to do loving those they care for than to be bothered with me.

The answer ?

We URGENTLY need a team member who will reach out to those good causes, work with
them support them and draw them in to what we want to do.

The original frustration of failing communications is doubled by not being able to find someone to take on this role.

Sunshine Smile Crew member LISA is doing an utterly amazing job setting up SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. We need someone with similar enthusiasm to become our GOOD CAUSES CO-ORDINATOR.

Will today's page find such a person or will my frustration be amplified by a lack of applicants ?

Those closing words from yesterday's show.....

DAVID - We had some fun didn't we ?

JOSH - We did
JELENA - We were silly
DAVID - Our music made people smile
JOSH - Made people happy
JELENA - and inspired love for some special good causes
DAVID - That was last year
JOSH - What about this year ?
JELENA - Can we bring our music to support your good cause ?
DAVID - Come and join us
JOSH - Smile at the world
JELENA - And the world will smile back

Lisa and I were talking yesterday about a diary of music events happening beyond Sunshine Smile Day.

Fast forward to a radio broadcast in February 2020 - what will we be celebrating then ?

We need a ROADSHOW MANAGER. Someone who will set up the events in the diary, organise the equipment and so on, publicise the event.  Josh and I will then turn up to play the music.  Jelena will be the one to front the music and engage with the audience.

I hope today's page may find that person.  Will it ?  If not the frustration will be doubled.


There are some CAUSES - I avoid the word GOOD - who would have an immediate solution to my next frustration.

I am dipping into my pockets for about £75 a week to fund the love within our music. We urgently need two laptops, a pair of loudspeakers and a digital Virtual DJ deck - cost about £1,000.

We have not in the two years we have been operating, taken a single penny as expences from the good causes we support. However there are causes I would not touch with a disinfected bargepole, they have the answer.  You need £1,000 - spend £10,000 instead of giving it to the cause you support  on a TV advert !

I gave the Salvation Army a gift at Christmas 2017 to help the homeless, during 2018 they spent more than that original gift sending me begging letters for more money.

How many £1 a week donations were spent not on guide dogs but on that advert ?

I am proud to say that is NOT our way of working.

If someone were to call me today and offer £75 a week to cover my expences of that £1,000 we need for equipment I would say NO - GIVE THAT MONEY TO ONE OF THE GOOD CAUSES OUR MUSIC SUPPORTS.

Over the spring and summer Josh, Jelena and I went to two car boot sales a week to help cover our expenses. We were amazingly supported by friends giving us stuff to sell.

We plan to return to these sales in a few weeks time but right now we are trying to fund our costs and buy the things we need in a different way. A way that is not working !

I have thirteen books currently published on Amazon There are Amazon millionaires enjoying wealth from royalties. 

We have set up a web page to help sell these books - CLICK HERE.

Amazon may rip off society as it fiddles its own taxes but to be accepted as an Amazon Author you have to file your own tax accounts !  I have done that.

e-books of my writing cost between 99p and £1.99p of which 45% is royalties. I do not want to be an Amazon millionaire but I would like sales to cover expenses and help us take the love of our music to more GOOD causes.

The PAGE has been visited 43 times, we have had two sales but there has not been a sale since 16th February.

Frustrated ?

You bet I am....


Bi-polar ?  NO JOSH I AM NOT.

Downhearted ? NOPE.

FED UP ?  Nope


What am I going to do ?

I am going to publish this blog now.  I am NOT going to read it through for typo's - SOD THAT.

I will link it to facebook but will NOT today promote it.

I will then broadcast an amazing radio programme. 6am to 8am The SOD all the FRUSTRATION I am going to have an amazing day.


PS - I see that Josh has just started promoting our music on facebook.  Josh for god's sake go to sleep !

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